‘Twas the Week Before Christmas

The week before Christmas is always stressful. You’re running around trying to get those last minute things for stockings, running this way and that, wrapping present after present, and probably going a little crazy. As I’ve been preparing for our own Christmas festivities, I keep looking around wondering how in the world we are going to fit even one more toy in this house. My son is the only grandchild on both sides, so needless to say, he has been a little spoiled over the years. With all of our things squished into one room, I’m not sure where to put all of the new things he is bound to get for Christmas this year. I’m sure many of you are in the same boat, wondering how you are going to squish everything in.

Why not go through your children’s toys that they don’t play with anymore and give them to someone in need? So many children are wandering around in this freezing cold weather without even a coat to shield them from the cold. If your children have old coats that don’t fit them that are still in good condition, donate them to a family in need. Imagine the difference that your children could make in their lives.

It will teach them to be grateful for the things that they do have, and at the same time make room for the new toys that they have coming in a week. As single parents it’s easy to get caught up in the things that we don’t have; the things that we can’t afford; but take a moment and look around the room. We have so much to be grateful for. There are so many families that can barely get enough food on the table, let alone provide Christmas for their little ones this winter. Even the smallest thing can make a huge difference in their lives. It’s the week before Christmas, we’re all busy getting things ready for our own families, but let’s not forget what the season is really all about.

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