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Welcome to adolescence! How fun this time is (note the sarcasm). I have a ten year old girl who is beginning her “tween” years and is basically driving me nuts. She cries constantly, everything is dramatic, and everyday there is a new “mean girl” at school. Did I personally experience this transition from the sweet, young, loveable child to a pre-pubesent almost teenage drama queen? Yes I did, in fact we all did.

Moms – when your daughter comes home and is acting like she has been inflicted with constant pms, search inside yourself and try to remember your experiences dealing with all the changes that come with becoming an adolescent. It’s hard. Kids are mean, there’s a lot of pressure, and in today’s day and age, our children are dealing with a lot more than anything we had to deal with.

Talk to your daughters: Let them know that you were once in their shoes and you understand. They will then respond with, “You don’t understand!” Stay calm, and tell her a story of your past that coincides with whatever she is dealing with at the moment, and be honest.

Hug them as much as possible: At least when they will let you. Take advantage of this time, because as they become tweens, they will go back and forth between being the tween-ager and the sweet little girl you remember.

Be patient: This too shall pass. It may take a while, but they’ll get out of this funk as soon as all the changes catch up to each other.

Remember: Remember this is a natural and wonderful experience, but can be a little scary for your girl. Talk to them and prepare them for what lay ahead. Remember, be honest.

Lastly, take deep breaths and remember – you will survive!