Twelve Months Post Partum: An Exercising Journey Part V

Once I had come to the conclusion that the only way to get some semblance of my stomach back, was to, believe it or not, lose more weight.  I thought that surely if I could get back down to the weight I was before pregnancy wreaked havoc on my midsection, that I might see a slimmer, love handleless, figure in the mirror.   Even though the task was clear and seemingly simple, there really is nothing easy about losing the last few stubborn pregnancy pounds…again since I decided to move the finish line once again.  I wish there was a way that I could focus all my efforts to burning the fat around my waist, but it is virtually impossible to spot reduce fat … without surgery anyway.  Since surgery is most definitely not in my future, I have to find a way to get it off in a more conventional fashion: diet and exercise.  Both of these things are things that I have been doing for more than a few months.  I could not imagine how I could possible do more but I knew that I had to if I wanted to reach my new post partum weight loss goals.

Somewhere between seven and eight months post partum, my sister and occasional workout buddy,  introduced me to a new workout routine that was … well … INSANE!  Truly!  I never knew that I was capable of sweating as much as I did the first time I did this high impact intense cardio workout.  I thought I was in pretty decent shape after all but this insane workout showed me that I could take my exercise routine to a totally new level and that is exactly what I needed!  It was gruelling and incredibly hard but after just one week I saw a huge difference in my endurance and body tone (and I thought I was toned before)…

(To be continued…)

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