Twelve Months Post Partum: An Exercising Journey Part VI

After struggling for months trying to lose all (and maybe a smidge more) of the weight I had gained during my two pregnancies, after changing up my exercise routine again and again, and after going back and forth between motivation and frustration, I finally found a workout that could help me reach my ultimate goal: getting back down to the weight I was before having children.

Thankfully my (very skinny) sister asked me to do an over the top workout with her that she and her husband were never able to get through.  The workout was beyond insanely difficult.  We got through week one and I was feeling a little sore but extremely motivated to do more.  In week two, we tried pushing ourselves harder doing more challenging workouts in the series.  We were doing these insane workouts five times a week for three straight weeks.  By that time my sister was losing her motivation and getting busy with moving, so I continued doing the workouts alone making sure that I was working out at least five times a week.

I had been doing the workouts for six weeks and had lost a couple of pounds but my endurance and strength had increased exponentially.  I am hoping that my very small weight loss is due to gained muscle mass.  Even though I still had a little way to go, I was feeling really good about what I had achieved!

Somewhere around the ten week mark I started noticing that my favorite skinny jeans were getting really stretched out.  After washing and drying them, I discovered that my jeans had not stretched out that much at all, they were just too big for me.  This propelled me to try on all of my jeans and found that all of them were quite loose.  What could this mean?

(To be continued…)