Twelve Months Post Partum: An Exercising Journey Part VII

Since I had been trying on my pre pregnancy jeans quite regularly after my the birth of my daughter only to find them too tight over and over again, it was a very pleasant surprise to find that my jeans were actually too big! However, I have noticed some size discrepancy between jeans I have owned for several years and the new sizes at the boutiques.  I confirmed my suspicion by going to my favorite clothing boutique and trying on the same skinny jean in the next size down: they fit perfectly!  Needless to say, pushing my workout routine into high gear was accomplishing something positive (or rather negative) in my waist even though my weight had not changed too much at all.  With my new, smaller sized jeans, I was ready to lose the last three pounds!

Getting to this point with only a few pounds to lose, it is really easy to call it quits and say, “close enough!”  But I had been here before after my son was born. Even though I got really close to my weight loss goal by losing thirty pounds, the last five to seven pounds never came off … until now.  I was determined that I would lose the last few stubborn pounds ( I am talking three pounds) and get back to my pre pre pregnancy weight once and for all.

I kept up the intense and insane workouts, sweating more than I even had in my life.  There was no way I could get away with not showering after these workouts!  I continued working out through the holidays trying to temper my sweet tooth and managed to lose a pound and a half. After nearly six months of this high intensity workout routine, my body was in really great shape but something was lacking: balance and flexibility!

(To be continued…)