Two Secrets to a Guest-Ready Home

HomemakingI don’t have the cleanest home in the world, and not every area is neat and organized.  But it is almost always guest-ready.  So if I get a phone call that someone is dropping by, I usually don’t have to run around like a chicken with its head cut off to straighten things up.

So what’s my secret?  I have a couple.

Let me share the first one.  It is that I don’t make messes and I don’t allow for them.

If there is a struggle you or someone in the home is having, when it comes to messes, then come up with a solution.  For instance, when my oldest son was still living here, he had a collection of garbage going on in his room.  Cups, plates, wrappers and an assortment of papers covered his floor.

The solution was simple.  I purchased him a trash can.  In fact, every room in the house has one.

Another example is dirty clothes.  Make sure everyone has a laundry basket available so that clothes don’t end up on the floor.

Don’t put dirty dishes on the counter.  Immediately rinse them and put them in the dishwasher or sink.

These are just examples of messes that can happen.  But you can prevent them.

My second secret to having a guest-ready home is maintenance.  Spill something on the stove?  I immediately clean it up.  Notice smudges on the bathroom mirror?  A quick spray and it’s clean again.

Clothes in the dryer done?  I immediately put them away.

Most maintenance takes seconds, depending on the task.  But taking the time to do these things eliminates a buildup of chores and cleaning.

In fact, a good rule of thumb is before you walk out of a room, take a quick look to see if there is something you can pick up or clean.  Taking time to do these things can make your home ready for guests at a moment’s notice.

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