Using Pinterest for Housekeeping Tips


Have you discovered Pinterest?  I tend to spend oodles of time on there every-so-often. And when I do, discover a wealth of great resources, tips and ideas.

One of the areas that I have especially enjoyed navigating is with homemaking.  That’s because I love taking care of my home.  I pride myself in it.

Not in the fact that it’s perfect (you will find a cobweb and a layer of dust somewhere) or that it’s the most beautiful house (lots of areas inside are in need of TLC), but it’s my domain.

It is where I find my place of peace and rest.  Therefore, I try to make it the most comfortable.

So imagine my delight when I came across a variety of tips and tricks on Pinterest.  Everything from organizing my grocery list, to craft projects (using recycled shutters to create a bulletin board).

If you do a search on the word “homemaking” in Pinterest, here are just some of the things that first pop up:

  • organizing grocery list with recipes
  • storage solutions using baskets from Better Home and Gardens
  • 10 habits for a well-run-home
  • home management binder
  • using folders to organize each family member
  • tension rods to create a filing drawer
  • sticky note to-do chart
  • hanging a sweater on a hangar without stretching it
  • press-and-seal wrap instead of tape
  • storing gift wrap with wire closet shelving
  • moving day tips
  • organizing game and puzzle closet

There is an idea for every area of your home and every challenge you have ever faced.

One pin that I want to especially point out brought me to “The Complete Guide to Imperfect Homemaking.”  Don’t you just love the title?

It offers a guide, 31 days to an organized home.  It’s not only filled with great tips and ideas but inspiration.  And sometimes that’s just what we need when tackling our homes.  Pinterest just might be the path to it!

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