Using the Library to Lower My Grocery Bill

libraryWe’ve been going to the library a lot lately. I think the fact that the weather is no longer snow and ice but not yet nice enough to stay outside long may have something to do with it. Either way, our library cards should really be sporting racing stripes.

Today, rather than picking up the latest novel, I decided to browse the cookbooks and flip through the recipes. As you may know, one of my major goals this year is to keep the food budget under control, no more than $100 a week, with $80 being ideal. Since we don’t eat out much, are a family of five, are subject to the increasing prices and shrinkage of food, and like to consume organic and fresh food as often as possible, this goal requires constant tending.

My new tool for reducing the grocery bill is now the library and those cookbooks. There were cookbooks several with low-budget recipes, made with inexpensive but minimally processed food that I am eager to try. Having an arsenal of new recipes means that the temptation to spend money eating out is reduced.

My plan is to first put together my grocery list based on the sales and my available coupons. Then, I’ll choose a couple of new recipes and add to my grocery list, any low-cost ingredients that I don’t already have in my pantry. This way, I can try out a new recipe or two per week without having to make a big commitment before I know which ones work. Later, I’ll be able to stock up on the ingredients required for the winning recipes.

Another way I’ve been recently using the library to lower my grocery bill is by picking up extra coupons, through a coupon exchange (and leaving ones I don’t need) that is sponsored by the library.

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