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Using Watercolor Pencils With Your Stamps

The ease and versatility of a water color pencil is amazing. There are so many cool ways to use water color pencils in your art, which can then be turned into scrapbook layouts and cards to give to others. They are very simple to use, easy to locate at a variety of stores, as well as being fairly inexpensive.

I would like to show you how cool using water color pencils to color in your stamped images can be. There are several ways that you can use water color pencils to achieve different effects in your artwork.

To begin with, you can simply color the image all over with your water colored pencils. When you run a paint brush or water brush over the surface where you colored, you should get a simple water color effect.

You can then vary the strength and vibrancy of the color by applying more pressure to the pencil and coloring harder, or applying a lighter pressure and coloring softly. Using a paint or water brush will achieve a different look for each.

Another cool technique that can be easily achieved with water color pencils is shading. It is fairly simple to achieve a subtle, yet beautiful shaded effect. You can begin by coloring on one area of the image, and then use your water or paint brush to gently blend. This achieves a darker color in the area that you colored while blending into a lighter shade as you move into the uncolored area of the stamped image.

A few tips for your using water color pencils and a paint brush or water brush:

– be sure to clean the brush in between colors if you don’t want them to run together.

– Applying more water will achieve a lighter result, using less water will achieve a darker result.

– You can use a paper towel to seep up any extra water or stop any bleeding to occur during different color application.

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