Utah Genealogy Resources

Welcome to UtahThe state of Utah has the nickname “The Beehive State”. According to USA Fact Book, early Mormon settlers had been described as carrying “swarms of bees” with them. Are you looking for more information about your ancestors who once lived in Utah? Try some of these Utah genealogy resources.

FamilySearch has a Wiki page about the state of Utah. You can click on a link for each and every county in the state. Doing so will bring you to a FamilySearch Wiki page specifically about that county. You can also find links that have information about major repositories of Utah records. Towards the bottom of the page are many links to FamilySearch Wiki pages that are about a particular FamilySearch collection of Utah records.

The Family History Library is located in Salt Lake City, Utah. FamilySearch has a lot of information about it, including driving directions, tips on where to park, the Library’s phone number, and much more! You should read over the information before you head out to the Family History Library.

Facebook has a Community Page for FamilySearch Utah Genealogy Research. This is a good place to go for genealogists who want to connect with other genealogists who are also working on Utah genealogy right now. You can also find links to FamilySearch collections of Utah records.

Ancestry.com has a page that is filled with links to all of their collections of Utah records. In order to access the majority of these collections, you will need to have an Ancestry.com membership. Sometimes, a collection will be offered for free. Return to their page often. Ancestry.com does a great job of making it clear when a collection has been added, is new, or is currently offered for free access.

Cyndi’s List may be the most comprehensive collections of links to online genealogy resources. If it is on the internet, Cyndi’s List probably has a link to it! They have a page called “United States – Utah”. Start by selecting one of their categories to browse through. Some categories include: “Birth, Marriage, Death”, “Census”, “Counties”, “Military”, “Newspapers”, and more!

GeneaLinks has a search engine at the top of their page. Put your ancestor’s first and last name into it. Choose a type of record to search for: vital, birth, death, marriage, divorce, or “Genealogy”. GeneaLinks has helpful information for genealogists who are new to Utah genealogy. Did you know that getting birth records that are less than 100 years old may be difficult unless you are a direct relative?

Image by Phil Whitehouse on Flickr