Virtue Lessons Made Easy


Product:  Virtue Flash Cards, Handbook, Butterfly Award, Coloring Pages, and Character Assessment
Company:  We Choose Virtues
Use:  To teach character development from a biblical or secular point of view.
Grade Recommendation:  3rd-5th (older children can help teach and younger children will enjoy the lessons as well)
Homeschool Method: Any
Rating:  5 out of 5 golden apples


  • Simple program with minimal prep and maximum results
  • Can be used with to enhance current character or biblical lessons or as a stand alone
  • Takes minutes a day
  • Adaptable to large families with multi-aged children
  • Great for Sunday school or co-ops
  • Affordable

What is We Chose Virtues

We Choose Virtues is dedicated to instilling children with godly character. With whimsical artwork and an engaging style children easily learn the value of displaying virtue. In my years as a homeschooling mom, writer and curriculum reviewer, I am always faced with moms who want a curriculum focused on training up their children to display godly character and virtue. We Choose Virtues was developed by a preschool teacher and children’s pastor who saw this need and decided to fill the gap for her children and for your children. The program fits nicely into a homeschool school or church environment.

What We Thought

We Choose Virtues is my favorite and most recommended character training curriculum on the market.  The virtue characters are adorable, the flash cards are irresistible, the simple method is effective, and it only takes minutes a day.  The program expertly breaks down the definition of character traits so children can easily understand expectations.  Implementation is so easy you can start the minute you open the box.  The brilliance is found in the program’s simplicity.  Simple for the student to understand and simple for the teacher to implement.  You can use the program to enhance current studies or use it as a stand alone. We Choose Virtues offers plenty of variety and a la carte items to customize it just for your family or ministry needs.  The affordable prices are icing on the cake.
I used the flash cards and coloring pages with my 7 and 4 year old daughters.  While, they are a bit younger than the original recommendation, I found great success.  I previously used the program with my older children when they were around the recommended age and it fit beautifully.  I would not use the program on a child under 4 or older than 10.  I did allow my 13 year old to read the cards and demonstrate proper behavior to his younger sisters.  I found that reinforced proper character in my older child.  The verses associated on each card made great memory verses for all the kids.  You can truly make it a family program.
I am going to be real honest here….I once considered creating a character curriculum.  Then I found We Choose Virtues.  I could not add to or improve upon the curriculum so I shelved the idea.