Walmart’s Coupon Policy

Walmart SignThe first place I go when want to find coupons is The majority of coupons found on their website can be used an any store. That being said, I have seen a few coupons from that can only be redeemed if you shop at Walmart. Wondering what Walmart’s coupon policy is? Here are some details you need to know about it.

All Coupons
* It must have a valid expiration date.
* It must have a scannable bar code.
* Coupons must have “Manufacturers Coupon” printed on them.
* The coupon must have a valid remit address for the manufacturer.
* Walmart does not accept coupons that have been duplicated.

Print-at-home Coupons
* Walmart will accept print-at-home coupons if they are legible.
* BOGO (Buy 1, Get 1 Free) coupons must have a specified price.
* They will accept coupons that are in color or that are in black and white.

Manufacturers Coupons
* They accept manufactures coupons for “dollar/cents off”.
* They accept manufacturers coupons for free items (but not the ones that were printed off the internet).
* BOGO (Buy 1, Get 1 Free) manufacturers coupons are accepted.

* Walmart will accept Catalinas (also called “checkout coupons”) that have been printed at their competitor’s registers that are for “dollars/cents off” a specific item.
* They will accept Catalinas that are in black and white.

Walmart Will Not Accept
* Catalinas that are for “dollars/cents off” the entire basket purchase or that are for a percentage off the entire basket purchase.
* Print-at-home internet coupons that require no purchase.
* Competitor’s coupons that are for “dollars/cents off” a specific retailer (that isn’t Walmart).
* Competitor’s coupons that are for a percentage off, that are BOGO without a specified price.
* Walmart does not accept double or triple value coupons.

Other Things to Know
* You must present your coupons at the time of purchase.
* You can only use one coupon per item.
* There is no limit on the number of coupons you can use per transaction.
* All coupons must have an expiration date and you cannot use a coupon that has expired.
* If the coupon value exceeds the price of the item, the excess may be given to the customer as cash or applies towards the basket purchase.
* A supervisor will be called if you use 40 coupons (or more) per transaction, a coupon of $20.00 or greater on one item, or $50.00 (or more) in coupons in one transaction.
* SNAP items purchases in a SNAP transaction are ineligible for cash back.

Image by Chanel Beck on Flickr.