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Ways to Spice Up Your Easter Party

Ways to Spice Up Your Easter Party | Families.comAdd some spring to your step and kick up your upcoming Easter get-together with extended family and friends.  The following fun-filled activities are designed to supplement traditional egg hunts without breaking the bank or forcing you to your breaking point:

Craft Stations:  Before the annual Easter egg hunt gets underway have kids partake in some craft making.  This can be done by setting up various stations in your home.  Not only do these project centers keep kids busy while the adults mingle, but they also ensure your youngest guests have something to take home besides a bunch of chocolate.  An easy craft to feature at your Easter party is a Bunny Candy Container.  All you need are clear plastic containers (such as empty peanut butter jars), white or pink cotton balls, googly eyes, white and pink felt pieces, scraps of ribbon, craft glue, scissors and jelly beans or other colorful candy.  To start, cover the top of the jar’s lid with glue.  Next, pull apart three or four cotton balls, and then attach the fluff to the top and sides of the lid.  Then, glue on the eyes and a pink felt triangle for the nose.  For the bunny’s ears, cut-out oval shapes from the white and pink felt and glue them to the back of the lid.  Fill the jar with candy.  Screw the lid back on the jar.  Glue a cotton ball to the back of the jar to give your bunny a tail.  Finally, tie a scrap of ribbon around the top of the jar to give the bunny a bow tie.

Games:  Put a little pizzazz in game time this Easter.  Rather than play traditional Easter-themed games, spice them up by adding a few zingers.  For example, a boring egg relay race can be made more exciting by dividing the players into two teams and having members of the opposing team shout out instructions during the race.  For example, instead of simply running with the egg on the spoon, a player from the other team can yell, “Spin” or “Walk like a duck” to the person carrying the egg.  When that person successfully hands the egg off to the next player in line, a new challenge can be offered by another team member.

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