What Apps are You Using for Genealogy?

Android phoneThere are plenty of genealogy related apps to choose from. Some are quite popular, while others may have names that you are unfamiliar with. There are apps that were not designed specifically for genealogy, but are useful to genealogists anyway. What apps are you using for genealogy?

The smartphone has become an incredibly helpful tool for genealogists. It allows you to do some genealogy research on the go and easily keep track of what you learned. Whether you are searching through records in a courthouse, or taking photos of the gravestones in a cemetery, your smartphone is right there, helping you to do it.

Google Play has put together a list of the Best Apps of 2012. Obviously, these are apps that are compatible with Android devices. They selected one that absolutely is designed specifically for use with genealogy. A couple of the other ones can be used for keeping track of genealogy research, too (but are not specifically designed for that purpose).

The Ancestry App for Android, which works with Ancestry.com, is on the list. The app automatically syncs with the family trees of Ancestry.com members. This allows genealogists to view their family tree from anywhere (not just at their home computer). It also lets you make new family discoveries from the convince of your iPhone or tablet (because there is a version for iOS devices, too).

Another useful app for genealogists that was on Google Play’s Best Apps of 2012 list is Evernote. My husband uses this app to make grocery lists. There is an iPhone version of Evernote, too. Genealogists could easily use Evernote to make a list of the research they are hoping to complete today, to write down ideas about what direction their research should take them, or to create a list of ancestors whose vital records are still eluding you.

Google Play also selected Pinterest as one of the Best Apps of 2012. Although I haven’t used my Pinterest account for genealogy, I have heard that some genealogists like to “pin” useful websites, helpful family trees, and family photos to their Pinterest boards. Overall, Pinterest is useful for keeping track of stuff. Why not make that “stuff” your ongoing genealogy research?

Image by closari on Flickr