What Do Women Want?

When it comes to romance and relationships, answering just what do women want is not the easiest of questions. Why is it so hard? Easy, not all women are the same and what appeals to one woman is not the same as another woman. This is probably a good thing, because if all women wanted the same thing, we’d have a lot more problems with women all wanting the same man – and that’s enough of a problem at times anyway.

So what attracts a woman to a partner that she will elect to be with for the rest of her life? What defines a man as a good romantic partner? What makes a good partner into a great lifetime companion? This is not the first time these questions have been asked and they certainly won’t be the last. After all, at some point in every marriage, a woman may look at her husband and wonder – either philosophically or with irritation – but the question will come up.

For many of us, the best way to answer the question is to remember with fondness what attracted you in the first place. What drew you to your husband in the first place hasn’t changed, whether you have both evolved and developed past that point in your lives or not – what attracted you is still there. You just have to recognize it and remember it with the same fondness and affection you did then.

Can I vague it up a bit more for you?

How Does This Answer What Women Want

Okay, so if you were looking for a list of qualities that women look for in a man, I suppose I can think of a few that are very attractive in the male of the species. These are qualities that men can aspire to. Among some of the most attractive qualities a man can have include:

  • Decision-Maker & Leader
  • Quality of Mercy
  • Quality of Power
  • Quality of Thought

Let’s elaborate a little – the decision-maker and leader qualities are what lets you define yourself as an individual. Women like to lead and they like to be lead. They like knowing they can depend on a man to plow the way as necessary. Bear in mind there is a difference between leadership qualities and domineering. A man can be a leader without telling others what to do. He is a thinker, a planner and capable of looking down the road to what effects his decisions may have.

The quality of mercy folds into this very neatly. Women enjoy a man who can care beyond the moment, who can recognize that sometimes you just have to be kind. You have to give to others and you have to put yourself out there. The quality of mercy lets you listen to the problems of others, it inspires you to give outside of yourself. It’s also the quality that doesn’t mind watching the chick flicks with only minimal comment and may even find something within the movie to enjoy rather than just finding that they are boring or a downer.

The quality of power is not to be mistaken – it’s not about being power hungry or striving for advancement in the job. It’s about the ability to handle situations, It’s about confronting what is necessary to confront. It’s about standing up to challenges and facing them head on. For example, he needs advancement at work so he goes back to school to get the degree he needs to get the promotion he wants. He wants to be more involved with the kids, but he doesn’t understand their activities – he learns what he needs to know.

Finally, the quality of thought and no this isn’t about remembering anniversaries or birthdays. It’s about recognizing that little things go a long way. The quality of thought means the man is thoughtful and considerate. No, he may not bring flowers home every day after work but he recognizes that he needs to demonstrate his affection. He may leave a note, he may call during the day – he may offer to do the dishes or he may just pick up after himself. One of the most thoughtful qualities a man can demonstrate is the ability to care for himself and the others around him.

Do you recognize any qualities here that make up the answer to what women want?

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