What Does 14 Months Old Look Like?

blake may 2013Toddler development is a funny thing, isn’t it. As your baby grows into a toddler, it’s anybody’s guess as to what skills he will master first. Some toddlers walk early and speak late while others build a pretty hefty vocabulary before they take their first steps. There are plenty of guidelines in books and online that provide a good estimate of what your toddler might be doing, and when.

Today, I realized that I did not keep track of many of Dylan’s milestones and I have not really been keeping track of Blake’s either. I have been taking lots of pictures, which can help me preserve the story of how they grew and changed throughout their early years. Sometimes, though, I want to be able to remember more.

I have been thinking a lot lately about how our family is now complete. As Blake grows, I am seeing each milestone for the last time. His bowlegged swagger will soon disappear into a smoother gait. Those adorably chubby ankles and feet will slim down and those cheeks will lose their chub. He will eventually coo less and talk more. As rewarding as it is to know that as he develops I get to learn more about who he is, there is a part of me that wants to keep “Baby Blake” a baby forever. Obviously, this is not possible.

What is possible, though, is writing down a verbal “snapshot” of what Blake is like at fourteen months old. I can save this information forever, and I can share it with him when he inevitably asks me what he was like when he was younger. Once I write this verbal snapshot, I can look back at my days with “Baby Blake” any time I would like.

What kinds of things is Blake doing at fourteen months old? He is tasting the world as if it were a gourmet buffet of textures and flavors. He loves meat and veggies for breakfast, or at any time of day for that matter, just like his Mama. Blake learned to walk about a month ago, but he’s not content to simply toddle around. He’s got a need for speed and for adventure (just like his big brother) so he has started running and climbing – and I’m getting a workout trying to keep him safe. Blake’s vocabulary is pretty typical for a fourteen month old, he says “mama”, “dada”, “uh-oh”, and “ball”. He makes a ton of sounds, and he loves social gestures like waving bye bye, clapping, and high five. Fourteen month old Blake is smiley and charming, and his hugs and sloppy kisses melt my heart.