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What Not To Sell at a Garage Sale Part Two

“One man’s trash, is another man’s treasure”, does not always hold true, when preparing for a garage sale. It is important to keep in mind, safety and damage and what it can mean for others. Here are several more items that need to meet safety standards to be sold.


Enough said. Just don’t sell them. They are against the law. Period. If they have wheels, they are a huge safety risk and should be destroyed. Children have wheeled themselves right down stairs, amongst other things. If it is a stationary “walker” like an excersaucer, sell away! Those are great and usually sell very well. Be sure all pieces are working, no damage and that you show the customer how to use it.


The rule on strollers is that they must have a safety lap belt, that is firmly attached to the seat. If it is loose or removed, it is not a good idea to try and sell the item. In addition, strollers manufactured before 1985 do not meet current safety guidelines. If you meet all standards, and you can sell the item, please be sure that wheels are not damaged and are securely attached, as well as all other parts in working order, etc.


Easy. If your playpen mesh is the mosquito type netting, it is safe and meets safety standards. If it has wholes bigger than this – it no longer meets the standards and should be considered dangerous and destroyed.

After baby items, these are next in line as being unsafe or needing to meet safety standards before sale.

Bicycle Helmets

Please do not sell a damaged bicycle helmet or one with any pieces missing. These are lifesavers and not having them working properly can destroy a life.

Protective Sports Gear

The same thing goes with sports gear. They have to be in proper working order in order to protect properly. If something is missing a part, a strap or damaged, throw it away, do not sell it.

Toys With Broken Pieces

Can be a choking hazard. Please just toss and do not attempt to sell.

Please see What Not To Sell at a Garage Sale Part One for several more items that should not be sold or need to meet safety standards.

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