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What the Amish and Babe Ruth Have in Common: Tracing My Family Genealogy

I’ve just recently begun my study of our family’s history. Truthfully, it’s my husband’s family history I’m tracing rather than my own–but it doesn’t matter to me. I find myself fascinated by the stories woven throughout our family timeline and to think that I’m a part of all that. Of course my job is made easier because my husband’s side of the family actually keeps family records of every marriage, birth death and major life event. We have them all the way from the first arrival at Ellis Island.

A Little Bit of Amish

As it turns out, my mother in law was Amish until she was a tween. She still remembers a little of her Pennsylvania Dutch. Her parents left the Amish community to start a new church plant in Florida. So just two generations ago, I could’ve been living on a farm with my husband doing without what I certainly consider basic necessities such as electricity! Or for that matter, I wouldn’t have met him at all since I’m quite sure there is no religious ancestry in my background.

Amish is not that shocking. . .truly as the churches we now all attend are not that far removed from Amish beliefs. My in-laws are still rigid pacifists and if I’m not mistaken, there hasn’t been anyone in military service for some time.

Babe Ruth and the Amish?

Well not quite, but when I first met my husband’s family, out came the family history book. Would you guess what I found, right there in the middle? Yes, our family history goes through Babe Ruth. He somehow related through marriage–although I have to admit that I really couldn’t tell you how at this point. You’ll just have to take my word for it that he was in our family history book.

My son loves to tell this story to his fellow boy scouts that all seem to think he’s joking around. My son doesn’t even know who Babe Ruth was other than he was a Yankee–which is all a seven year old needs to know I suppose.

The Fascination With Genealogy

I don’t know if the fascination is new or if its just that genealogy is more accessible because many public records are in online databases, making it easier to research. But who knows what you might find when you start looking?