What to do When Other People’s Kids are in Danger

What can you do when you see that a child, who is not yours, is unsafe or in danger? Here are some suggestions about what to do.Most parents are very careful and cautious with their children. They put in a great deal of effort to keep their children out of dangerous situations. Sometimes though, things happen and a child could wind up in a situation that is not at all good. What can you do when you see that a child, who is not yours, is unsafe? Here are some suggestions about what to do.

What to do if You Think a Child is in Danger

A Child Has Been Left in a Car
There are a lot of parents who will tell you that they would never leave their child in car (especially on a hot day). Everyone knows that it is not safe to do so. Yet, it can – and does – happen. What should you do if you see a child who has been left in a car?

Parent Dish has some excellent advice. Do not walk away from the child that has been left in a hot car. Your actions truly could be the difference between life and death.

They suggest that you try and make “friendly contact” with the child. Wave, smile, see if the child responds. If the child’s parent is nearby and watching the car, he or she should take notice of an adult who is trying to communicate with their child.

They suggest that you try and open the car. I might instead suggest that you see if you can get the child to roll down the window to let some of the hot air out. If the child is unresponsive, you may have no other choice than to try and open up the door of the car. Parent Dish also recommends that you should call 911 if you have been standing by that car for a while and the parent has not returned. They say “Err on the side of caution”.

A Child is Lost in a Store
Of course you would never let your preschooler or toddler run through a store unattended! Despite your best intentions, little kids can sometimes become separated from their parents as the parent shops. What should you do if you see an unattended child in a store who looks lost?

Ask the child “Where is your mom?” If you get no response, ask about the child’s dad. Look around the area the child is in, and listen for a frantic parent calling a child’s name. Ask the child if that is his or her name.

Stay put near the child (but don’t pick him or her up). Try and flag down a worker and let him or her know that there is a lost child. Most stores have policies in place that will help reunite lost kids with their parents. The worker can use the loudspeaker to let the parent know that his or her child has been located.

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