When Baby Has Surgery

Last week, my sweet baby had to have surgery. Without writing about anything too personal, I will say it was something that was considered very “routine” and it was a same-day procedure. However, when your sweet baby has to have something like surgery, it is never routine. At least, not for the mama.

I knew that he would have to have this surgery since he was born, but I was trying to not think about it. But, before I knew it, it was time to make that appointment. But, it was still a month away, so again, I put it out of my mind. Well, last week, that day came, and we all survived it.

It has not been easy. The surgery itself seemed relatively easy. He went to a very reputable children’s hospital where they see tons of surgeries every day. I looked around at the other children also there for their own reasons, and felt grateful that my little guy would most likely not even remember what he had to go through.

The surgery took about an hour and a half, and after, the nurses said he just opened his eyes and started smiling. When he saw me, he started getting a little fussier. He was really hungry from having to fast for almost 10 hours prior. Once he got a bottle, he was a little better, but it took him a while for the grogginess to wear off.

When we headed home, he had a pretty good day. But, it was the 24 hours after that were hard. He was in pain, and the medications that we had to give him, he did not like. It was hard to get them in him, but they did help with his pain. However, he was a little loopy and just wanted to be held. He couldn’t really even sit up that well on his own. I was more than happy to just take time out and hold my little guy. He was so sweet and cuddly during that time.

Fast forward a few days and we are doing a little better. His pain is good during the day, but the nights are hard. He does not sleep very well, even with the medication. I hope that in a few more days, he will be back to his old self. I miss my smiley little guy.

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