When Technology Becomes Unhealthy


Living in this world of technology, one thing I have noticed is a change in relationships.  Face-to-face interactions happen less often.  It’s easier to shoot out an email or text.  It may feel safer to have a discussion through instant messaging.

Instead of talking about our feelings, we are voicing them on Facebook or Twitter.  And rather than enjoying quality time together with our friends, we sit a few feet from each other, tapping away on our devices.

This can be not only unhealthy but dangerous.  I’ve seen one of my daughter’s friends fall for a guy she met online.  Not once but twice now.

I shudder to think what would happen if she decided to try and meet him.  Is he really the 15-year-old boy he claims to be?

Somehow we have come to believe that we are safer behind our technology.  Not just physically but emotionally as well.

Getting involved in real life friendships and relationships could lead to hurt.  Somehow the disconnect experienced through social media feels less vulnerable.

Our reality becomes distorted with this kind of thinking.  But it goes even deeper.

If we don’t like our own lives, we spend hours peeking into the world of other people.  Facebook allows you the opportunity to view pictures, check out statuses and comments.

You will either start to feel better about yourself because so-and-so is pretty pathetic.  Or you feel even worse about your life, believing that others have it so much better.

If you always wanted to tell off someone, you can safely (and sometimes anonymously) do it through technology.  And if you want to feel good about yourself, you can post a seductive picture.

Now I’m not saying that technology is all evil.  I use it quite a bit.  But the problem is when it begins to replace real friendships and relationships.

As parents we need to be vigilant about this.  If the use of technology has become unhealthy, it may be time to pull the plug…or take out the battery…or shut down the account…or remove the computer.