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When Weight Enters Politics


I am by no means one of those persons that like to jump on the political bandwagon.  I have my own opinions, which aren’t usually shared.

But I have to admit that I am quite disturbed over the fact that someone’s weight has become a political issue.  I am talking about New Jersey governor, Chris Christie.

There is some belief that he may be getting ready to run in the next election.  If that’s true, I hope he is ready for things to get real personal.  Because that is how our society tends to handle politics…it gets down deep into the mud, ready to sling away.

What better way to attack than to go after his weight?  Some have made claims that they are concerned about a potential presidential candidate being able to serve in office because his health might stand in the way.

Are these people who truly care about the state of his health?  Or is it more about slinging the mud?

One of the worst incidences involved a doctor on television saying that Christie could die.  Unfortunately, one of his children heard this.  Imagine the worry and fear that was stirred up inside.

I know that some will say if you are going to be in politics, you have to deal with it.  But I still believe lines are crossed when someone’s weight becomes the issue.  Just as much as it may not make sense that I am blogging about politics for the topic of fitness, neither does it make sense to talk about weight in politics.

It’s no secret that our country has a weight problem.  Although some well-intentioned efforts are being made to curb this, bringing it into the political arena is a bit out of line if you ask me.  No one should become the poster child for this country’s difficulties with obesity.

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