When You Love Someone

When you love someone it doesn’t matter what you do. Just being together is enough. Saturday was one of those together days and evenings for Mick and me.

While the washing was in the machine, immediately after breakfast we went to the local markets where we bought fresh fruit from the orchard and those vegetables, Mick hasn’t got ready in our own garden, we bought fresh from the market garden. We also found a Christmas gift at one of the stalls and then Mick bought me a silver bracelet for no reason except that I admired it. He’s a sweetie like that.

We came home to find a message on our answering machine inviting us out for coffee. So we put the washing out and then went and caught up with a few friends at the newly opened coffee shop. After an enjoyable time of coffee and chat, we came home and got stuck into household jobs, namely cleaning up desk drawers of accumulated papers and information that had been saved but was now out of date. We found an unpaid bill (OOPS) which Mick paid and then sorted out one of the spare bedrooms, getting the room ready for the grandchildren when our son and his family come down over Christmas. And I did some cooking and blogging.

Late in the afternoon we packed our picnic tea and went to investigate a Christmas Shoppe and several other shops that had opened late to coincide with the twilight markets being held. After a browse we head up towards Cambewarra where, while listening to the radio, we ate out picnic tea before heading, up the winding narrow road to Cambewarra Mountain. On the way we encountered a lyrebird scuttling for cover in the bush.

From the top of Cambewarra Mountain the view is amazing, stretching across the river to the ocean and taking in the various towns and villages dotted over the green landscape toward the bush covered hills. I admit though, we ended up reaching for jackets as it was so cold up there.

While in the car we listened to the radio playing 60s hits, lots or Elvis songs and the occasional Christmas songs including Elvis singing ‘Silver Bells.’ Interspersed with the music they invited listeners to ring in with ‘the worst Christmas present ever they’d been given.’

One woman said he husband gave her a cactus. She assumed it was because he thought her prickly. Another told of getting a pick, shovel and a pan for gold panning. When asked why her husband said he ‘thought it’d be logical since they were going to gold panning areas for their holidays.’

Another woman told of her gift of unpaid rates along with interest charged, given to her by her alcoholic husband.

Each of these women had stayed with these men and continued to care for them. I touched the inexpensive bracelet Mick gave me earlier in the day for no other reason than just because and it made me thankful again for my darling husband.

I’ll tell you more about our together day and evening tomorrow.

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