Where Can I Find Coupons? Here are Ten Different Places to Grab Them

couponsThere are many different places to find coupons, from the obvious to the obscure. Go on a treasure hunt to gather up as many as you can. Coupons can save you money, whether you use just a few coupons on your favorite weekly items or practice the art of extreme couponing, a way of shopping that can get you up to 90 percent off of your groceries.

Don’t forget that coupons can also be used on retail purchases, online purchases and entertainment venues too!

Here is a breakdown of the many places where you can find money saving coupons. Grab your scissors and start clipping.

1. With product packaging

Peelies are coupons that can be peeled off of product packaging. Sometimes shoppers take the coupons, even though they are only supposed to use them on the actual purchased products, so dig in the back of the shelves for peelies that might have been missed. Cereal boxes often have coupons printed on the back, and many other products include coupons inside the packaging.

2. At outlet stores

Your first stop at any outlet store should be at the welcome center. You can usually pick up free books of coupons to use in the stores, as well as get the inside scoop on the best sales. Coupons usually change monthly.

3. Through online coupon print sites and savings websites

Online coupon print sites have hundreds of grocery coupons that you can select and print to use at the grocery store. FreeCoupons.com is a printable grocery coupon site where you can easily find the coupons you need for your next shopping trip.

4. In the Sunday newspaper

By far the most tradition place to find books full of coupons is the Sunday newspaper. RedPlum, SmartSource and other publishers offer coupon inserts in newspapers around the country. Local recycling bins may be full of discarded Sunday coupons.

5. In the Wednesday newspaper

Smaller coupon inserts (smaller than in the Sunday papers) can usually be found mid-week, in the Wednesday edition of many major papers.

6. In magazines

Women’s magazines are full of great coupons. Browse through your existing magazines for money savings coupons to clip, and ask friends and neighbors for their extra magazines. One magazine in particular, All You, is dedicated to savings and has the most grocery coupons that I have ever seen in a magazine.

7. On the way into a store

From flyers to coupon books, look carefully when you first enter a store, whether it is a grocery store or a retail store. Special store coupons may be available. Often these coupons can be used in conjunction with manufacturer coupons for double savings.

8. At the customer service desk of a store

After you have checked out the front of the store, head over to the customer service desk and ask for coupons. Warehouse stores seem to have the most and the best, but department stores can surprise you will coupon passes for up to 20 percent off of everything you purchase that day!

9. In the mail

Sign up with the coupon publishers, such as RedPlum for extra copies of grocery coupons. You should also check your mail for coupon packets containing savings that can be used at local businesses. Target and other major stores often send coupons out in the mail as well.

10. On Facebook

From stores to manufacturers, coupons abound on Facebook. search for your favorite companies and “like” them. It won’t be long before they announce opportunities to get free coupons, even ones for free products!

With consumer prices going up every day, it is more important than ever to gather and use as many coupons as you can.