Where to Find a Support Group in New Jersey

hands togetherEveryone could use a little extra help sometimes. Parents of kids who have special needs can benefit from attending a support group. Finding help can be difficult. Here is a list of support groups that are located in New Jersey.

Wayne Special Parents Association is located in Wayne, New Jersey. It is for parents of children who have special educational needs. Their website has information about upcoming events.

Mom2Mom has a list of when, and where, support groups will take place. Most are in Newark, New Jersey. Their website says “You’re caring for your special needs child…Who is caring for you?”. Their website is enabled for a Live Chat with a peer counselor either by phone or in a text conversation. You can also call their toll free number 877-914-6662 when you need some support.

Montclair SEPAC is located in Montclair, New Jersey. It is a volunteer group of parents and guardians that provides support and information to parents and caregivers of children with special needs. The group meets monthly. They help ensure that kids who have special needs are given the attention they deserve.

Autism New Jersey has a Helpline that parents can call for support. The number is 800.4.AUTISM. They are currently doing a fundraiser to help save the Helpline. Parents can call to talk to someone when they need help, and can also call to get information.

New Jersey Statewide Parent to Parent (SPAN) does one-to-one matches of families who have similar needs and experiences. They provide emotional support for parents when they learn that their child has a developmental delay, disability, or other special health or mental need. They also provide current information on a variety of disabilities.

ASPEN has support groups for parents of children who are on the autism spectrum. They have monthly meetings to discuss important issues and share information. Visit their website to find more information about where and when an ASPEN group will be meeting in your county.

Putting the Pieces Together is a group that provides support and education to families who have a child with autism. They believe that education is their best weapon against autism and other special needs. They are located in North Arlington, New Jersey.

Image by puzzledmonkey on Flickr