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“Where’s My Mommy” by Jo Brown

“Where’s My Mommy” by Jo Brown is the story of a crocodile who is looking for its mother.

In the book the baby crocodile is born, and when he comes out of his egg he can not find his mother. The crocodile goes in search of his mother in the world around him. In his search the crocodile encounters lots of different animals that all try to determine what type of animal he is and where his mother might be.

For instance the first animal he encounters is a monkey. The monkey asks the crocodile if he can swing from a tree. The crocodile tries and realizes he can’t even reach the lowest branch. The monkey then asks the crocodile if he can make a sound like he can “OOOOOOEEEEAA”. The crocodile can only make a snapping noise.

“No you’re definitely not a monkey, said the monkey. But I’m sure you’ll find your mommy soon”

After the monkey the crocodile has a similar exchange with an elephant, tiger, and zebra before he finally finds the other crocodiles playing in the water, and finds his mother. The crocodile tries to roar like the lion, and spray water like an elephant all to no avail. The crocodile is finally able to find his family by seeing the other crocodiles in the water and knowing that he can do what they are doing.

This is a fun story for younger kids to learn about different types of animals, the sounds that the make, and the actions that they do. Kids can delight in watching the crocodile try to decide if he’s a elephant or a tiger; and can be relieved when he finally is able to find his crocodile family in the water.

“Where’s My Mommy” is Jo Browns first book. You can purchase it where ever books are sold or online at Amazon.com