Who Are We Trying to Please?

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I am the queen of trying to please those around me. I want my coworkers to think I’m great. I want my children to think I’m the best Mom in the world. I want my husband to admire my cooking. I want my friends to think I have it all together. For me, it is very important not to disappoint those around me. Yet, how often do I look at trying to please the most important person of all? My Heavenly Father.

Recently, I read a great talk that appeared in the January 2012 Ensign. It is titled, “Look Up” by Elder Carl B. Cook. It teaches a valuable lesson. That lesson is that instead of looking over our shoulders at who is watching us, or look at the world around us for approval, we should instead, look up and aim to please the most important person of all. Our Heavenly Father. In doing this, we can reach our own divine potential and love ourselves a little more.

It is not really a novel idea. We all know as members of the church that we are to look to the Lord for approval, not be worldly, be peculiar and different than those around us. Yet, Satan tries so hard to make us think that is not enough. It is one of his biggest tools to make us think that we are not living up to, or not being good enough. In doing this, he diminishes our self-worth. When we do not feel like we love who we are, we become depressed, discouraged, and unhappy.

It is important to remember that Christ died for all of us. He knew that we were going to be imperfect, yet He chose to die for everyone’s sins. Not just those who did everything right all the time. So it is important to remember that we need to rely on measuring our own self-worth by looking in the mirror with spiritual eyes. What does the Lord see? If we can do this, we can remember that doing our best is enough for Him.

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