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Why do I Get Suspicious when Things go Smoothly?

I like to think that I am an optimist at heart. When it comes to my home business and work efforts, however, I have to be honest—I tend to expect things to be rough and hard. When things are going smoothly and seem to be falling into place, I get quite skeptical. I just have this sneaky feeling that something major is about to go wrong…

Many of you know by now that organization is my crutch (particularly when it comes to my business)—I depend on getting things organized and all my ducks in a row in order to make it possible for me to do the work I do, and take care of all of my obligations as a single parent. So, even though I cling to my organizational standards, I also expect there will be glitches. I seem to be forever battling the chaos theory and people and “things” just do not often go easily into organized systems. When they do, I get suspicious!

I expect hiccups and last-minute changes; I expect that I will have to harass people and send out second notices of invoices—I do not expect that things will sail along smoothly in my home business operation for any length of time. What I am trying to figure out, however, is whether my expecting things to be bumpy is contributing to the way things generally go or not? Maybe if I started to expect smooth sailing and was less suspicious by nature, I would get a little less “bump” and a little more “smooth.” I think if I could at least learn to appreciate those times when things are going well and not be constantly looking for the dropping of the other shoe, I might bring a little more of it into my work world!