Why Does My Toddler Rip His Clothes Off?

I know that it’s summer and all, but even on the hottest days around here, everyone is usually wearing at least some clothing. Well, almost everyone. Blake has decided that he does not like wearing clothes – or diapers, for that matter. Toddlers are notorious for their penchant for running around naked, much to their parents’ chagrin.

Of course, not all toddlers go through a phase where they resist clothing and diapers. I do not remember Dylan doing that at all. I mean, he may have ripped his diaper off once or twice, but that was about it. He was busy engaging in other forms of toddler mischief, but he was doing all of that while wearing clothes and diapers.

Like any parent, the first thing that came to mind when Blake developed his aversion to clothing and diapers was the question, “Why?”. For some toddlers, they simply do not like the feeling of the clothing or diapers. When they realize that they can remove the clothing and/or the diaper, off it comes. Also, toddlers are blissfully unaware of the social norms that older children and adults abide by.

Aside from wanting to understand why some toddlers prefer to go without clothes, parents whose toddlers are going through a “naked phase” want to know how they should handle it. As with all other things related to parenting, how you handle your toddler’s “naked phase” is completely up to you. Finding a solution that works for your family may take a little thinking, but it is doable. Decide what you are comfortable with, and then base your strategy on that. You may find that once your toddler is occasionally permitted to go without clothing in the house, for example, it is much easier to get him into a diaper and clothes when it is time to go somewhere where clothing is not optional.

Photo by Clarita on morguefile.com.