Why Old Video Games Systems are Good

Why Old Video Games Systems are Good | Families.comKids want a video game system? Shop around for an older system for much happiness.

There has never been a time when I have purchased the latest new video game for my kids. It just doesn’t make sense. Of course, I am not a complete grouch. In fact, they have a number of older video games to play with at their disposal at all times, and I haven’t heard a single complaint. The fact that these systems are older ones isn’t a problem. In fact it is a benefit. Here is why.


Hands down, older video game systems will save you a lot of money, both on the video game unit itself and on the games. Older systems are priced less than newer models, and you can often get them used, making it even a better deal. Just remember that today’s older system, was yesterday’s cutting edge, got-to-have system.

In some cases, you may even be able to get the games or the system for free from a friend who is upgrading. We got ours, plus the games for free on Freecycle.org (our local group).

Tried and True

When you have an older system, it is easy to find out which games to buy, because chances are that there are a number of reviews out there for them. You won’t wind up spending money on games that aren’t very much fun.


Sure, my kids friends have the latest systems, but the truth is that they are also a little bored with them unless they get a constant influx of new games. In contrast, coming over to our house and playing an older system is often a novelty because they haven’t seen it before. Who knew that having an older video gaming system would make you the “cool house?”–well at least for a little while.

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