Why Regular Exercise is Important for Kids

Getting regular exercise is more beneficial than random exercise. This is true for both adults and children. Are your kids getting the regular exercise?Many of us realize that it is a good idea to get some exercise. Adults tend to think of exercise as a way to lose weight or tone up muscle. It turns out that getting regular exercise is more beneficial than randomly exercising done every so often. This is true for both adults and children. Are your kids getting the regular exercise?

Regular Exercise is Important for Children

The Mayo Clinic points out that the health benefits of getting regular exercise and physical activity are “hard to ignore”. Of course, some exercise is better than none at all. However, if you want to get the most benefits from exercise, it needs to be done regularly.

Exercise Controls Weight
It has been said that America has a obesity epidemic – and that this is something that is affecting children. Not all kids live in neighborhoods where it is safe to go outside to play. There are also plenty of kids who prefer to engage in activities that do not involve exercise (like playing video games or watching videos).

As such, there is a chance that your kids might need to lose some weight. The Mayo Clinic suggests that getting regular exercise is a great way to keep weight under control. They note that when people engage in physical activity they burn calories.

There are two ways to get the benefits of regular exercise. One is to set aside part of every day and use it to focus on physical activity. Make it a practice to walk home from school with your kids. Another option is to start doing several smaller physical activities throughout the day.

Exercise Improves Mood
Everyone has a bad day sometimes, and that includes kids! There are also many people who tend to be a bit grumpy or depressed. One way to improve mood is with regular exercise. The Mayo Clinic says that physical activity (or exercise) stimulates various brain chemicals that may leave you feeling happier and more relaxed.

Do your kids come home from school in a cranky mood? Find a way for them to get a little exercise between when they leave school and when they start their homework. Their mood will improve!

Exercise Promotes Better Sleep
Some children are ready to fall asleep when it is bedtime. Sadly, that’s not the situation with all children! People who get regular exercise end up sleeping better. They fall asleep faster, get a deeper sleep, and have less instances of waking up in the middle of the night.

Children who get a good amount of sleep may find it easier to wake up in the morning to get ready for school. It has been shown that kids who come to school well rested tend to have an easier time learning. Don’t have them exercise right before bedtime though, or they may be too energized to sleep!

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