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Why Store Food?

Many people may wonder why anyone would want to store a year’s supply of food. It might seem a little extreme or odd to people. But the reasons for having food storage on hand are numerous and most are not extreme. I have known several families who have lost their jobs and have turned to their food storage as a way to continue to care for their families.

Food storage is just another form of security. Many people have several months of income set aside for a rainy day. Having food storage is just another way to stretch the money that you have saved. You can store basics for emergencies or you can set aside several months of food for your family.

In times of bad weather everyone runs to the store to pick up bread, milk and eggs. In a hurricane area they often pick up water as well. Grocery stores run their stocking system on a as needed basis. Almost everything they have is already out on the shelves. If you are a little late getting to the store then you may be out of luck. I have seen it happen with both possible hurricanes and ice storms. It is a comforting feeling to know that I don’t have to go out in the rush. Even when it is my usual grocery day, I know that I can last another week if I need to, and my family will be okay.

It is also reassuring to know that you have the staples on hand in case the grocery stores are unable to restock the stores after a disaster. Roads may be impassable. Other circumstances may slow down the trucks that bring the food in to the stores. If you have a few weeks of food on hand, you will not have to worry at this stressful time.

Another reason to have food storage is that it can save you money. You can purchase items when they are on sale. As you stockpile the items that are on sale, you will save money over time. This can be difficult to do if you are living paycheck to paycheck, but if you can manage you will begin to spend less money and eat better. What are some of the reasons that you store food?