Winter Themed Birthday Party Ideas for Preschoolers

I have two children who have winter birthdays.  Having a summer birthday myself, I always felt sorry for children with winter birthdays.  It’s cold.  The weather is unpredictable.  A small children do not ski.  The sympathy for winter birthdays seems to be common.  When my children would reveal their January birthdays it was often met with an audible sigh that said, “I am so sorry.”  Yet, it doesn’t have to be that way.  Winter is a beautiful season. It’s a wonderland that you can bring indoors to make a party that won’t soon be forgotten.

Before, I discuss some fun games and decorations for a winter party, I want to let you in on a fun idea.  If your child longs for summer but has a winter birthday then bring summer indoors.  Buy a box of leis, bright colored table settings, blow up palm trees, beach balls, and beach towels, and have a beach party indoors.  To decorate  your cake, frost it in white and top with brown sugar.  The brown sugar will look like sand.  Add blue frosting on top in a small area for water and decorate with umbrellas and plastic palm trees.

If you relish the snow and want to bring the fun of snow inside you have plenty of fun options.


  • hang snowflakes from the ceiling to create a wonderland
  • make snowmen out of balloons and decorate with marker
  • use peanuts to create a snow setting
  • hang white Christmas lights around the party area


  • blow up white balloons and use them to have an indoor snowball fight
  • cut out circles with white felt and accessories for a snowman using a variety of felt colors and have the children decorate snowmen
  • make baby food jar snow globes by using washed out baby food jars, glitter, water, and a small toy to put inside the baby food jar.