Wyoming Genealogy Resources

The state of Wyoming has more than one nickname. It is known as the “Cowboy State”, the “Equality State”, and as “Big Wyoming”. Are you searching for more information about your ancestors who once lived in Wyoming? Start by checking out some of the Wyoming genealogy resources that are linked to in this blog. Who knows? Maybe some of your ancestors really were cowboys!

Cyndi’s List is, quite possibly, the most comprehensive list of links to online genealogy resources. If it exists on the internet, Cyndi’s List probably has it! They have a page called “United States – Wyoming”. Start by selecting any of their categories. Some categories include: “Birth, Marriage, Death”, “Census”, “Counties”, “Military”, “Newspapers”, and more!

FamilySearch has a Wiki page about the state of Wyoming. You can find a link to more FamilySearch Wiki pages about each of the counties within the state. There are also links to more information about major repositories of Wyoming records. Near the bottom of the page is one link to a Wiki page about a FamilySearch collection called “Wyoming Marriages 1877 – 1920”.

Facebook has a Community Page for FamilySearch Wyoming Genealogy Research. This is a good resource for genealogists who want to connect with other genealogists who are also working on Wyoming research right now. It is also a good place to find links to FamilySearch’s collections of Wyoming records.

Interment.net has cemetery records online. Start by putting the first and last name of your ancestor into the search engine at the top of their page. Or, you can start by selecting one of the counties in Wyoming. If there is a link, it means that Interment.net has information about records from cemeteries that are located within that county. Less than half of the counties have links attached at this time.

GeneaLinks also has a search engine at the top of their page. Put in the first and last name of your ancestor. Select which type of record you want to search through. Choose from: vital, birth, death, marriage, divorce, or “Genealogy”. GeneaLinks also has helpful information for genealogists who are new to Wyoming genealogy. Did you know that the Department of Health’s office has tight restrictions on who can see birth record that are less than 100 years old, and on death and marriage records that are less than 50 years old?

Ancestry.com has a page that is filled with links to all of their Wyoming genealogy collections of records. To access these records, you need to have an Ancestry.com membership. Return to their page often! Ancestry.com does a great job of making it clear when a collection is new, has been updated, or is currently being offered for free access.

Image by Wyatt Berka on Flickr