Yarn Picture Craft

This is a fun activity but it will require parental help for young ones. What I love about this project is that you can make abstract and concrete images with your child. Designs are simple for young children to make and will turn out pretty as the flower suggested in the activity. Don’t limit your pictures to flowers, expand to do whatever your child is interested in. Use the activity to reinforce lessons on shapes.

Yarn Picture Craft

What You Need:

Yarn (in a variety of colors)
Construction paper
Clear drying, non-toxic glue

What You Do:

Choose a spring flower, and ask your child to describe what shapes she sees. Are the petals shaped like ovals? Do the leaves look like triangles? This is also a great opportunity to talk about other types of shapes such as organic shapes, which differ from geometric shapes in that they are based in nature and are more free flowing (like an amoeba). Help your child distinguish the organic shapes in the flower versus the more geometric ones.

Have her sketch the flower (shapes put together with lines) onto the construction paper with a pencil. Use a light colored paper, so that the lines show up clearly.

Ask her to cut small pieces of yarn into segments that are not more than two inches long. She’ll need a shade of green for the stem and leaves and additional colors for the rest of the flower.

She can now use the glue to trace over the pencil lines. To avoid too much drying time, work in small sections.

Instruct her to place the pieces of yarn over the glue and press down. Set aside to dry thoroughly.