You Got a Food Deal Where? Unexpected Places to Save Money on Groceries

grocery shoppingI’m a pretty boring person when it comes to grocery shopping these days. I usually only shop at one grocery store per week, although it isn’t always the same one. Some weeks I don’t go to the grocery store at all, choosing instead to stock up on grocery deals in unusual places. Knowing where to go to get certain items can help you decrease your food budget.

Check out the following unexpected places to save money on groceries.

Dollar Stores

If you haven’t been to a dollar store lately, you may be in for a surprise. Many dollar stores now stock name brand items as well as generics and no-name brands. Because they don’t do much advertising, these stores have low overhead and can pass that savings on to you.

For best results, visit the dollar stores often, since they bring in the bargains as they get them and have a variety of stock coming into the store.


If there are groceries that you buy regularly, consider purchasing them online at Amazon. Groceries in bulk are often much cheaper than you can get at the store, and if you opt for the subscription service, you’ll save even more. With a subscription service on your favorite items, the groceries are automatically shipped to you before you run out.

Amazon and other online grocery services are best for items that you use frequently, so you won’t wind up with too many of the same type of grocery.

Farmers Markets

You can visit farmers markets, even in the winter. There are often a few indoor gems here and there. Groceries at farmers markets are fresher and often cheaper than those in the store, even on organics. Farmers selling direct to the public have lower overhead. Plus the produce gets to your table much faster, sometimes the same day it is picked.


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