Where to Find Templates for Book Reviews

Would you like your children to become book lovers? One way to do that is to get them into the habit of reading lots of books. Book reports are a good tool to determine how well your child is comprehending the book that he or she just read. Here are a few places to find printable book report templates. Writing a book report allows kids to practice a skill that will help them to have a detailed discussion about books with other people. It might not be as fun as some of the alternatives to book reports, but it is … Continue reading

2006 in Review: Homeschooling Blog at a Glance

As a new homeschooling blogger at Families.com, I wanted to know everything that has been discussed to date. In response to my own curiosity, and in an effort to make perusing our articles easier for you, our readers, I have compiled all of the blogs for the year 2006. Deciding to Homeschool Why homeschool Am I qualified for this? Reasons that Homeschooling Works! My Most Important Advice for Homeschoolers. The Cost of Homeschooling Instead of standing up for their own kids, why not stand up for all kids? Disclaimer: I am hardly an expert in education. Did You Know? ‘Empirical … Continue reading

Jurassic Jamboree

School ended last week. We’ve been taking it easy at home and trying to stay cool. We have some activities planned, but haven’t gone yet. On Monday the Rockwall public library kicked off its summer reading program with a party for the children. The party was called Jurassic Jamboree and was a dinosaur theme. We had not been to the Rockwall library yet even though we knew it had been through a remodel and the children’s story time was supposed to be a lot of fun. The Jurassic Jamboree started at 1:30 and lasted until 3:30. We skipped nap so … Continue reading

Putting the Grammar back in Literature

Your kid loves to read books. You have managed to get regular book reports out of them. Now what? Use those book reports to teach them to apply grammar to their writing. So often, grammar and literature are treated as two separate entities. Children read good books, and write halfway decent reports. Then separately, they learn grammar rules. Here is how I have decided to start applying grammar to my children’s reading programs. Step 1, Get them to read: Like I mentioned before, first get them to read. You can make up an incentive program like the Accellerated Reading program … Continue reading

Charlotte Mason: Reluctant Narrators

Charlotte Mason advocated the use of oral or written narrations as a way of having a child report on his reading. There are several reasons that narration can be so helpful. Narrating a just-read passage helps a child to internalize and remember it, and aids reading comprehension. It’s also a great help to the homeschooling parent, who can find out immediately what and how much the child has absorbed. Sounds simple enough, doesn’t it? Have your child read a short passage (anywhere from a paragraph to a chapter, depending on your child’s age and ability.) Then, have him tell you … Continue reading