Author Update – Julie Coulter Bellon on Writing and Family

Yesterday we were joined by author Julie Coulter Bellon who talked with us about her new novel, “All’s Fair.” If you missed that portion of the interview, you can click here to get caught up-to-date. Julie, thanks for being here again today. Let’s shift the focus a little bit to the overall process of writing. You have quite a large family, and you’re a devoted mother. How do you balance all the aspects of your life? Balance is always a fine line, but my children always come first. Interestingly enough, however, I find that I am a more calm and … Continue reading

Author Update – Julie Coulter Bellon on Her New Book

Since we last spoke with author Julie Coulter Bellon, she’s released a new novel for the LDS fiction market, “All’s Fair.” I reviewed it earlier today and you can read my thoughts on it here. Now Julie joins us again to talk about this latest development and what might be ahead for her. Julie, “All’s Fair” is your fourth novel for the LDS market and in my opinion, your best to date. Do you have a favorite out of the four? Thank you, I’m glad you liked it! That’s a hard question for me, because each book I’ve written has … Continue reading

All’s Fair – Julie Coulter Bellon

Kristen Shepherd believes she has it all. A successful political campaign expert and engaged to be married to her handsome, charming co-worker Michael Forbes, her future seems bright. But when she gets a call on her cell phone just moments before the wedding ceremony, informing her that Michael has tried to move all her money to an account in Saudi Arabia, her dreams come crashing down around her. She confronts Michael, only to have him tell her that he’ll explain everything, once they’re married. She can’t handle the idea of marrying someone who would abuse her trust in this way, … Continue reading