The Good, the Bad, and the Inappropriate: Banning Books from Your Child’s School Library

I first started thinking about this issue when Tristi Pinkston wrote a review of the Junie B. Jones books. One commenter felt like Junie’s grammar was atrocious and so she wasn’t thrilled her daughter was reading them, but I feel like they will eventually be part of the ‘modern classics’ along with Beverly Cleary and Judy Blume. Then I read an article about a mother who is apparently engaged in a fight with the Georgia Board of Education to remove the popular Harry Potter books claiming that they encourage witch craft among young children. Here comes my dilemma. While I … Continue reading

Helping Your Child Deal With Emotions Through Creative Expression

Creative expression through writing and art can be a very therapeutic technique for children with emotional problems including depression, anxiety, self-hatred and rage. At home, you can encourage your child to deal with painful emotions by providing different kinds of freedom in creativity. One of the greatest outlets for powerful, overwhelming feelings is through art. All children, regardless of their limitations or struggles, have feelings that are often hard to describe and give meaning to. Helping them release these emotions is important. Unstructured Poetry A poet by the name of Kenneth Koch was working with stressed-out and depressed children in … Continue reading

Singer Turned Children’s Book Author

First it was Madonna… now Gloria Estefan is throwing her hat into the literary world too. The five-time Grammy winner has exchanged her piano keyboard for a computer keyboard to write about a brown-and-white bulldog named “Noelle” that beat the odds. Not unlike the famous singer who fought back following her 1990 bus crash, which left her paralyzed and wondering if she would ever walk again. Estefan, the author, has just put the final touches on “Noelle’s Treasure Tale”–the second installment in a series of colorful children’s books featuring the curious Noelle and her adventures. The book teaches kids about … Continue reading