Flying the Not-So Friendly Skies

What is it with families and flying these days? And by flying I mean getting booted from airplanes. Barely a day goes by anymore without some innocent clan getting the heave-ho from a commercial flight due to a perceived threat made by a child. However, the latest incident doesn’t involve a screaming baby, a chatty toddler or a hungry infant; rather, a California family claims they were kicked off an American Airlines flight simply because their 16-year-old son has Down syndrome. Joan and Robert Vanderhorst, of Bakersfield, California, are irate by what they are calling “pure discrimination.” “It’s defamation,” Robert … Continue reading

Flying the Fee-Friendly Skies with Kids

Flying with kids is an exhausting ordeal, but with all of the additional fees airlines are pushing on passengers these days, it can be extremely expensive too. And I’m not jut talking about the dough you have to shell out to buy your kid the mid-flight Pringles she’s screaming for. Airlines are fee happy and you could easily drain your wallet before you arrive at your final destination. If you plan to fly with kids during the busy summer travel season, but can’t afford to go broke in the process, consider the following tips: If you plan to bring a … Continue reading

Why It’s a Good Time of the Year to Be Flying with Kids

No, I haven’t lost my mind. It’s true; the busy holiday season is typically when I suggest to parents with young children to avoid crowded airports at all costs, but that was before one airport started to give away free food with proof of a pint-sized traveling companion. Dallas/Fort Worth Airport is hoping that free food and entertainment for kids will help make the hectic holiday travel season a bit brighter. To that end, the airport is offering a two-day “Kids Eat Free” promotion. Here are the details: From noon to 2 p.m. on December 20-21, airport employees will distribute … Continue reading

Families Flying Southwest No Longer Get To Board First

What parent does not dread the prospect of flying cross-country with a cranky toddler (or a gaggle of cranky kids)? Ask around and you will likely hear from any beleaguered mom (or dad) that one of the few perks of traveling with children is the fact that you get to pre-board. It’s one of the few times in life when cutting in line is perfectly legal. However, if you plan to fly Southwest Airlines with young children in the near future you can kiss that line jumping privilege goodbye. The airline just announced it plans to eliminate early pre-boarding for … Continue reading

Breastfeeding At 35,000 Feet = High-Flying Controversy

I’ve breastfed my child on numerous flights—have you? One woman did recently and claims she was kicked off her flight as a result. Now the mom from New Mexico has secured an attorney and has filed complaints against two airlines. According to news reports, Emily Gillette, a 27-year-old mother from Santa Fe, New Meixco, filed the complaint with the Vermont Human Rights Commission late last week against Delta Air Lines and Freedom Airlines. Freedom was operating the Delta flight Gillette was flying between Burlington and New York City. According to the complaint, last month, Gillette was discreetly breastfeeding her 22-month-old … Continue reading

Every Penny Counts

When you are living on a budget; every penny counts, which is why you want to do your homework before jetting off on a family vacation. These days travel-related expenses can add up very quickly. To avoid going broke when traveling this holiday season, consider the following: Online Booking: Online booking is convenient, but you don’t always know if you are snagging the best deal. Often, travelers are left wondering if they should buy now or wait for a fare sale. One way to answer this is to check the flight’s occupancy. If there are only a few seats left, … Continue reading

Strangers to the Rescue

There’s a fine line between charity and prudence. It’s a lesson I’ve learned the hard way since becoming a parent. I was reminded just how challenging it can be to reconcile the two after hearing the story of the family whose summer vacation included a record breaking delay at Salt Lake City International Airport. Earlier this month, the local ABC affiliate in Salt Lake City broadcast the plight of Curtis Saxton, his wife, and his two children, ages 13 and 4, who became stranded at the airport for nearly a week. The clan was trying to get home to Virginia … Continue reading

Pint-Sized Stowaway

Talk about a gate crasher. If there were gold medals given to travelers who could get by increased security at airports on high alert during the London 2012 Olympics, then a cheeky 11-year-old boy would be wearing some major hardware around his neck right now. Instead, the only things that are circling Liam Corcoran’s neck is his mother’s hands. Last week, the boy made international headlines when he managed to slip through security and fly from Britain’s Manchester Airport to Rome without a passport or a boarding pass. So, how does a kid walk through more than one airport security … Continue reading

The Family That Vacations Together…

According to a national survey, more than 500 million camping trips are taken during the summer months. That’s breaks down to roughly 15 percent of the U.S. population–or a whole lot of families– looking to spend at least part of their time off from school and work bonding in nature. The Outdoor Foundation survey also revealed that the younger a child is exposed to camping, the more likely he or she will be to embrace the idea of sleeping under the stars in a tent. Nearly half of those polled said they first went camping when they were 7 years … Continue reading

Some Friendly Skies for Families

Let’s face it; with the crack down on carry-on bags, the exorbitant price of airfare and the elimination of free meals, flying on commercial airlines can be a real pain. And as many parents can tell you, that torture is multiplied when you are taking flight with young children in tow. Fortunately, there is some good news for families traveling by air this summer. Just a few days ago, Allegiant Air announced that it will not add to parents’ anxiety by splitting up families on flights. The carrier modified its check-in system so passengers under the age of 14 will … Continue reading