Ancestry Provides Free Resources to Educators

Ancestry, a leading genealogy company, is providing free resources to educators and parents. The purpose of providing these tools is to make this school year a little easier. For the first time, Ancestry will provide K-12 teachers across the US a free 6-month World Explorer subscription to access billions of historical records, providing support in lesson development and project creation for the school year ahead. The subscription includes: Unlimited access to most records on Ancestry, including more than 3 billion international birth, marriage, death, census, military, church and other records Access to all public family trees on Ancestry Access to … Continue reading

Free Range Parenting – Letting Kids Roam Free

There’s a parenting style in the news that has gotten some attention lately. Its called free range parenting. The basic concept is that children should be allowed to roam free while they are unattended by their parents (or other adults). This parenting style was common in the 1970’s and 1980’s. Today, it appears to be causing some controversy. Parents Alexander and Danielle Meitiv are practicing free range parenting. It is pretty much the opposite of helicopter parenting. A helicopter parent wants to hover over their children and step in at the first signs of a problem. A free range parent, … Continue reading

Learning Marriage from Your Parents

I was raised with somewhat progressive views on marriage.  It feels strange to even be typing that, and it’s certainly nothing I ever thought growing up.  I know that on the overall spectrum of views on marriage, the ideals with which I was raised would only be in the middle, and probably closer to the conservative side of the middle.  But it’s still so surprising to me how many people aren’t even that far. I’ve already shared my story about my college roommate.   The reason she and her boyfriend didn’t talk for years about division of labor in the household, … Continue reading

Gluten-Free at the Grocery Store

Have you ever gone grocery shopping for gluten-free food before? There is a bit of a “learning curve” involved in doing this successfully. It helps if you learn about what kinds of foods are gluten-free before you ever step foot into the grocery store. After that, it is just a matter of knowing where to look. If you have to stay on a gluten-free diet, then the produce section of the grocery store is about to become your new best friend. Fruits and veggies are naturally gluten-free. This is because gluten is a protein that is found in wheat, and … Continue reading

Free Hair Color From Clairol – This Friday The Thirteenth!

To the superstitious, Friday the thirteenth is a day to be especially wary. To those who desire to scare away their gray hair with a nice, new, natural looking hair color, Friday the thirteenth might just be your lucky day! Clairol will be giving away a free box of Natural Instincts Vibrant hair color on Friday, May 13, 2011. Some women become extremely upset when they find their first gray hair. They consider the existence of even one gray hair to be a proof that they are “getting old”. Or, at least, a sign that they are no longer teenagers, … Continue reading

Home School Blogger Spotlight: Adverntures in Mommydom

Ticia, from Adventures in Mommydom, includes everyone on her adventures homeschooling her three kids. Her desire to homeschool stemmed from the desire to provide a solid individualized education for her individual children. No cookie cutter school systems for her and I have to say I admire that attitude. Ticia has a wide range of interests and hobbies which makes her blog full of interest and fun. The blog design is fun, colorful, yet easy to read and navigate. The content is fun, engaging, and like sitting down and talking to an old friend at the library. I added in library … Continue reading

Livemocha: Social Networking Meets Language Learning

Lately I’ve been looking for an online language-learning tool. They are quite easy to find, even the free ones. The quality varies a lot, but the internet seems to be populated with free online language learning. I’m trying to brush up on my Spanish, and that’s quite easy to find. If you’re looking for a less-common language, you may have a more challenging time, but classes like Mandarin, French and Spanish are fairly simple to arrange, and free. It’s amazing to me that we can learn world languages from native speakers without leaving the house. I’ve tried out a number … Continue reading

Shaping a Hybrid Homelearning Experience

I’d like to introduce myself – here is a virtual handshake for you! I’m the mom of our lovely just-turned-five-year-old, and we’re embarking on our educational journey. Yes, I realize that learning starts from birth, and that’s one of the reasons that I want to continue the life that we’ve led so far. I love spending time with my daughter and she is somewhat of an introvert. Home and family are our safe and happy places. While we live next door to a school and may yet attend it in the future, we’re one of those new families who is … Continue reading

Free Range Learning

Free Range Learning is born from the idea that a child learns best naturally. If one is able to harness a child’s natural bent toward learning then one can instill not only a love for learning but a curiosity about the world. Children and teenagers blossom academically when the restrictions are lifted and they are free to learn. This book also emphasizes how homeschooling takes center stage in allowing this type of academic freedom. While the author does an excellent job explaining her position she is backed up by an array of experts from neurologists, historians, child development experts and … Continue reading

Homeschool Resource Review: Learning A-Z (FREE TRIAL)

Learning A-Z is a group of websites designed with the purpose of supplying developmentally appropriate books to school children. Learning page, a site that provides free printable was soon followed by Reading A-Z a reading subscription website. In addition to Reading A-Z, the site of series of sites have evolved into what is now Learning A-Z which includes the sites, Vocabulary,, writing and science In honor of teacher Appreciation week, Learning A-Z is providing the opportunity for prospective users to try a different site each day. This promotion, which is running one week and one … Continue reading