The Basics of Horse Care, Pt. 2

On Tuesday I started a blog on the basics of horse care, as described to me by my friend Professional Hunt Seat Horse Trainer Holly Stello. Today the article continues with more of a horse’s fundamental needs, and the costs owning one will accrue. Horses are not as social of a breed as other animals; however, Holly recommends buying a buddy for a lone horse. But she admits that “horses, like dogs, have personalities. Some are total loners, and some will have separation anxiety and need a friend.” You should spend 20 minutes minimum interacting with your horse every day, … Continue reading

How Not to Clean Your Dog’s Ears

My dog Moose has been doing that head shake lately — the one that says ear mites might be to blame. If you’re a dog owner, you may know what I’m talking about: one ear at half mast, frantic head shaking, lots of ear scratching. A quick swipe with a baby wipe showed me that he has debris in the wonky ear. Ear mite debris is usually very dark, and looks a bit like coffee grinds. This was lighter in color, so maybe ear mites aren’t to blame. Maybe he’s got an excess of ear wax, or some other kind … Continue reading

Oops! I Did It Again!

(With apologies to Brittany Spears for tweaking her title!) Today was spontaneously declared Toenail Trimming Day. I’ve only done the dogs’ toenails once since we moved back in the beginning of January… so those little piggies were long overdue for some snipping. You’re lucky my camera batteries died, or you’d have pictures of the horribly long clippings. My dear, sweet Moose is almost always the easier dog to do, so I did him first. He was sprawled out on the floor in front of the couch, so I stretched out next to him and grabbed a foot. Moose played along … Continue reading

Diary of a Cat Care B&B: Kitty Pedicures

One of the services we offer at the cats only boarding facility is a toenail trim. Since I had never done one before (I’ve only done dog pedicures so far), my coworkers showed me how it’s done. It seems to work very easily with two people — one person holds and distracts the cat and the other does the snipping. If you are the person who is holding the cat, you want to be sure that he’s not able to wiggle away; pulling a paw away at the wrong time could mean that the nail gets caught in the scissors. … Continue reading

Picking A Pet Rat

If you think a rat is the right pet for your family, how do you pick the right one? You have several options for where you get your rat. Pet stores may or may not be a good choice, depending on how knowledgeable the staff is about rat care in general. Check the housing — make sure males and females are housed separately, or you may get a surprise litter after you get your pet rat home. Young rats should be handled regularly. Breeders (also known as ratteries) are a great place to find a well socialized young rat. A … Continue reading

Mr. Meow vs. the Clippers

Not too long ago a debate raged in our household about whether or not to declaw Tabby. That debate has sort of died out ever since I “cowboyed up” and learned to trim Tab’s nails. I’ve had a couple more successful goes at Tabby’s toes. She doesn’t mind me touching her paws and clipping away one bit. All I have to do is catch her in just the right docile mood. I’ve even gotten pretty proficient and quick at it. So much so I’ve decided to direct my newfound talents on the other four-legged members of our family, like Murphy. … Continue reading

To Declaw or Not to Declaw, That is the Question

My husband and I have been spoiled. Mr. Meow, who we found at our apartment complex after he’d been abandoned almost eight years ago, came to us declawed. (His front claws at least. He still has his back ones.) Now we’ve got Tabby. Not only did she come to us pregnant, she came intact with all her claws, front and back. It’s been somewhat of an adjustment. When Mr. Meow “makes biscuits” (kneads) our bellies, it’s a pleasant feeling. When Tabby does it…ouch! When she got spayed, they trimmed her nails. That was nice! But that was over a month … Continue reading