Probiotics and the Rotavirus

As we learned from tiggermom3 here at, the rotovirus can be a scary and dangerous virus, especially when it hits young children. My eldest child contracted it when he was less than three months old, and it was a trying time. Although he didn’t wind up in the hospital as so many babies do when they get dehydrated from the illness, it was still a hard thing for him and for us to go through. When the rotavirus vaccine was released, I was happy to have my next two children vaccinated. But vaccinations aren’t for everyone. Now, here is … Continue reading

Baby Blog Week in Review: November 17th Through November 23rd

Are you having a quiet Thanksgiving with your baby, or will the whole extended family be there? Babies just add a special spark to the holidays, don’t they? Here is the Baby Blog week in review for November 17th through 23rd November 17th Baby Blog Week in Review: November 10th Through November 16th Here is the Baby Blog week in review for November 10th through November 16th. November 18th Your Special Baby Lyrics Do you have a special song that you shared with your baby? There are certain songs that are special to me for each of my children. These … Continue reading

Guide to the Rotavirus Vaccine

When it comes to your baby, I am of the mindset that the more information you have at hand, the better chance you have of making the right decision for your baby. Immunization is a highly debated topic among some. Many parents choose not to vaccinate and are trying to enact laws that make it illegal for a child to be refused private daycare because of lack of immunization. Other parents believe wholeheartedly in the power of vaccinations to protect children from potentially fatal diseases and oppose measures that would allow non-vaccinated children to be enrolled in private day care … Continue reading

Baby Advice Can Become Outdated

New parents are often overwhelmed with pieces of baby advice. Sometimes, the advice comes from family members who really do mean well by giving you a piece of baby advice that they used on their children. Other times, some random person at the grocery store feels the need to toss unwanted baby advice at you. It can become difficult to tell the good advice from the bad. One way to sort things out is to see if the advice you were given is in this list of outdated baby advice. All of the baby advice in this list started out … Continue reading

Print This! Vaccination Schedule for Children

Wondering what shots you can expect at your child’s next well visit or check up? Here is a list of the most common vaccinations given along with the recommended ages of when children should receive them. It is a vaccination schedule you can print and take with you to your pediatrician’s office. While most children will follow this shot schedule, keep in mind that your individual child’s health profile may require different guidelines for vaccination. You may have the option to combine vaccines or have them administered separately. This information is taken from Hepatitis B Three inoculations Birth 1-2 … Continue reading