U23D – Sharing Music With Children

A couple of weeks ago, my husband and I took the kids to see the U23D movie. None of them had ever been to a rock concert before. And while the movie wasn’t exactly like a rock concert, it was close. The movie was filmed in 3-D by National Geographic. In fact it is the first digital 3D, multi-camera, real-time production. According to the National Geographic website, the movie was shot from over 100 hours of footage with the “largest collection of 3D camera technology ever used on a single project”. Now my kids don’t really appreciate my musical taste. … Continue reading

Discovering New Music with and for Your Kids

One of the pleasures of my life has been discovering bands and artists, becoming vested in their music then watching them evolve as musicians and, in some cases, as people. It can be so very rewarding to find a band, singer or musician (local or national) that is relatively unknown and then fall in love with their style, lyrics, live performances and records. You can feel a deep connection to that act, because you were on board early. It is like having a little secret that is wonderful and brings a tremendous amount of joy. To share this with others … Continue reading