If I Had My Life to Live Over

I believe in stockpiling. I really do, but what happens when saving something for someday means that you never get to enjoy it? Erma Bombeck was a well-known humor writer who succumbed to illness. When she found out she was dying, she wrote a poem called “If I Had My Life to Live Over.” One of the lines of the poem was “I would have burned the pink candle sculpted like a rose before it melted in storage.” Isn’t it so true? How many of us save stuff for someday? Someday comes in many forms: someday when there is scarcity … Continue reading

What I Wish I Had Known As A First Time Mom

Do you see that picture? That sure is a cute baby. Okay, so I am totally biased because I’m his mom, but that picture reminds me of something that I did not really pay any attention to before I had a baby. I am not sure what I was expecting to see when I welcomed my first newborn three years ago, but I probably thought that he would look something like the baby in the picture. I was wrong. Newborns don’t look like babies. They look like newborns, and when your newborn baby is placed in your arms, you will … Continue reading

Wedding Rings and Gender Roles, Pt. 1

The practice of wearing wedding rings has roots in ancient Egypt. The Egyptians might have believed that circles represent eternity, fitting for a marriage vow. Wearing the rings on our left hand dates to the Roman era: Romans apparently believed that the fourth finger on our left hands had a vein that went directly to the heart. While women have worn wedding (and engagement) rings for centuries, the practice of men donning the former only dates to the 20th century. Some sources speculate that it had to do with World War II: men started wearing the rings while deployed, as … Continue reading

They Think Life is Easier Without a Husband

Sometimes people ask too much of me. Being a single mom means that my time is already over scheduled but sometimes other people don’t see it that way. They think that because I only have one child and no husband wanting his dinner on the table after a long day at work, that I have all this free time. I hate to break it to you, but I don’t. Even without a husband, dinner has to be made. Without a husband laundry still has to be done, the house still has to be cleaned and the yard mowed. The only … Continue reading

Dealing With A Difficult Ex

So many people have to deal with a difficult ex spouse. I’m sure none of us are the difficult ex spouse, no matter what he may say! Sometimes for reasons unknown to most rational people, an ex spouse will try to interfere with your new marriage, or manipulate you using your children, or personally attack you. What can you do that will not cause the problem to escalate? Due to the fact that you have children with this person, you need to tread lightly, just as what he does affects the children, how you respond affects them as well. The … Continue reading

Take Back Your Power

It’s all his fault, if he hadn’t done ( fill in the blank), we would still be married, my kids would have both of their parents and I would have my happily ever after. Instead I’m raising three kids by myself, with barely enough money to pay the bills, forget about anything extra while he is off gallivanting with his girlfriend of the week. Sound familiar? Even some of it? Most of us have a divorce story. Some of us initiated the divorce but even then there is more than enough blame to go around. In my case, my ex … Continue reading

We Need More Food Holidays

I’m not a very good cook, I only cook enough to keep us alive, but if I have something to celebrate, then I love to cook! I love cooking for a crowd on Thanksgiving or Christmas. I actually look forward to it, plan it out and dance around the kitchen, excited for everyone to come to dinner. The rest of the year, not so much, cooking is boring! In an effort to make every day a holiday and motivate myself to cook I decided to take advantage of some of the lesser known holidays. So dust off your apron and … Continue reading

Exploring “My Weirder School”

For someone who didn’t care much for pencils, books and teachers’ dirty looks growing up, I’m not exactly sure how I birthed a school-loving bookworm. Not only does my second grader enjoy attending school, she also loves reading books about kids and their adventures in the halls of higher learning. That said, I suppose I shouldn’t be the least bit surprised that my 7-year-old is addicted to Dan Gutman’s silly series, My Weirder School. The collection of creative craziness features characters that will crack you up and leave you wanting more. In this case, you’re in luck because Gutman shows … Continue reading

Halloween Vandals Caused Damage to Historic Graves

A really old graveyard, located in San Luis Obispo, California, was vandalized right around Halloween of 2011. Destruction of gravestones, especially old ones, make it very difficult for genealogists to do their research. Recently, more has been revealed about the gravestones that were damaged by the Halloween pranksters. There are people who use Halloween as an excuse to go out and cause vandalism. This year, some vandals damaged several of the headstones in the San Luis Cemetery, which is located in San Luis Obispo, California. The cemetery had gravestones that dated as far back as the 1800’s, and that ranged … Continue reading

Deals for Columbus Day Weekend 2011

Any time the calendar indicates that there will be a three day weekend, you can count on one thing. There will be sales! Columbus Day this year falls on Monday, October 10. Your children probably have that day off of school. Here are some deals you can take advantage of while you are out shopping this weekend. Starbucks has a nice deal for morning people this weekend. Buy any handcrafted beverage, and you can get any delicious, handmade, Starbucks breakfast sandwich or wrap for just $2.00. If you decided to take your family shopping this weekend, and forgot to eat … Continue reading