Mission Possible: Matrimonial Motivation

Hello my fellow weight loss enthusiasts. This marks the beginning of the second full week of Mission Possible. I still have a BMI of 31 but I have now lost 3 pounds. In case you’re new to Mission Possible, you may want to check out my introduction to the series, or my dieting manifesto. Essentially, I am determined to lose weight and I refuse to starve myself to do it. I am simply eating less and moving more. That’s it. No money spent (although I would join a gym if it were convenient), no starvation, binging, purging, no supplements, no … Continue reading

Weight Loss Blog Week in Review July 16 through July 22

This past week has been exciting in the weight loss as I’ve personally declared war on nonsense diets. To lose weight the equation is simple: eat less + move more = weight loss. Join me in my Mission Impossible series as I chronicle my weight loss journey to show everyone that it is not necessary to starve yourself in order to lose weight! July 16 Mission Possible: My Confession This is the first in the mission possible series and I confess that I need to lose weight. But I am determined to prove that you do not need a fad … Continue reading

Mission Possible: Ode to the Cooler

Current BMI: 31 One of the reasons that I like journaling as a means to facilitate weight loss is that it helps me identify patterns. I don’t make a huge production of my journal. I just basically write down whether or not I drank enough water, whether or not I ate 5 to 8 servings of fruits and vegetables and how much if any sweets I ate. (Sweets are my huge weakness.) I might note if I had fast food as well. In any case, I’ve already discovered (or rather rediscovered) something that is going to be a pitfall for … Continue reading

Mission Possible: My Dieting Manifesto

Current BMI: 31 A manifesto, in political terms is a statement about a particular vision and the strategy to get there. It often has the connotation of war or a coup. . .and that’s why I’ve chosen that word as opposed to “Dieting Rules” or “Dieting Guidelines.” I am declaring war on weight loss scams, unhealthy trends, and the negative mentality that leads to our depriving ourselves. You can lose weight by moving more and eating less. It’s that easy. With that said, here is my vision and strategy of weight loss: There is no fast weight loss cure. It … Continue reading

The Problem with Kimkins

If you’ve been reading my weight loss blogs, many of you know that I am generally against diets that exclude complete food groups and I’m against diets that are radical. Kimkins does both. There are several concerns about the Kimkins diet and I’m not an expert. I also feel like I should tell you that I do not have personal experience with Kimkins. I’m writing this article based on research that I’ve done. I am not saying that you would not lose weight with the Kimkins diet. However, there are many diets that you can lose weight on–that doesn’t mean … Continue reading

What is the Glycemic Index?

The Glycemic index is a way to rank carbohydrates according to how they behave in our bodies. Foods that have the least effect on our insulin and blood sugar levels have a very low glycemic index. Foods that send our blood sugar sky high then lead to a crash a few hours later, have a very high glycemic index. For people with diabetes, a low glycemic index diet is crucial to help control the disease. It also helps in weight loss because foods with a low glycemic index are those that are digested slowly and therefore since they are absorbed … Continue reading

So Which is the Best Diet?

Consumer Reports has recently published its own report on which weight loss program is the absolute best for people who are trying to beat the bulge. Consumer Reports is a non-biased agency. It takes no money from any business so that their reports can be considered unbiased. So what is the unbiased opinion of Consumer Reports on which diet is the best one out there? In order to rate the diets, Consumer Reports looked at their effectiveness by evaluating data from long term clinical research studies, checked the diets calorie counts, and checked to see whether or not the diets … Continue reading