Parenting Styles

The way you react as a parent has a lasting impact on your children. Every child is different and we have to parent based on our child’s individual needs. Some children need things very structured; others just need a little guidance here and there. You have to adjust your parenting style based on what works for you and your child. Authoritarian parents typically have very high expectations of their children. They have strict guidelines for their children and there is very little negotiation. If asked why they are likely to respond, “Because I said so.” They don’t discuss the reasoning … Continue reading

Parenting Style Affects Health

How you parent your child can affect their behavior, grades, and yes even their weight. Dr. Mayer reports on a recent research study that found that “parenting style is associated with a 500% difference in the risk of childhood obesity.” I don’t know about you but 500% seems like an awful lot to me. And this percentage is completely dependant upon parenting style. There are four main parenting styles: Authoritarian – The parent decides what is best for the child and the child is expected to follow the decisions of the parents. Children are usually held to a high level … Continue reading

What Are You Teaching Your Children Through TV?

How much influence does your TV have on your children? We can teach them certain attitudes and values at home but chances are that many of the attitudes and values they see on TV shows will be counterproductive to what we are trying to teach them. In some homes the TV seems goes on first thing in the morning and says on till the last person is in bed at night. The TV is on during meals and when visitors come. It appears many people forget TVs come with an off switch. They sit and complain about the shows on … Continue reading

Crazy Fundraisers…

There is no doubt that many schools and school organizations are short when it comes to funding. Special clubs, sports groups, and other school affiliated groups often do not receive money from the school. Therefore, these groups are often left to resort to funding raising. Some groups carry out typical fund raising activities such as selling candy bars, doughnuts, or trinkets from a magazine. However some groups come up with much more unique ideas. It seems that every year I hear crazier and crazier fund raising ideas. I am not sure where some of the ideas come from. However, I … Continue reading

School Fundraisers

My school just recently completed a magazine fundraiser sale. I see the need for schools to have fundraisers. The money allotted by state and local governments is not enough to purchase computers and instructional materials for schools. However, I always dread the fundraising part of the year. Some parents choose not to let their children participate because they cannot afford to buy items or do not have relatives that can buy items. Other parents are simply against fundraising in general. A few parents just do not wish to take the time to be involved in their child’s education and never … Continue reading