Bird Basics: Doves

We often associate doves with magic tricks or elaborate wedding ceremonies, but few realize that doves can make lovely pet birds as well (and that they also come in more colors than white). They’re a good pet bird for a first time owner or one with children, because they are very gentle; they do not tend to bite or scratch. As with any variety of bird you must research the specific breed that you want, because precisely what you need to care for it will depend on your breed. Question the breeder or your vet (because you must also find … Continue reading

Laser Declawing

A lot of cat lovers are divided over the debate: to declaw or not to declaw. Most of us (myself included) find the painful surgery, in which the cat’s knuckles are broken and from which the cat suffers a long recovery, cruel. Yet I can see the benefits of declawing; even though I try to keep on top of trimming my cat’s nails he does still scratch things sometimes, and it would be nice to not have to worry about him damaging any furniture, or even worse, a person. Cole isn’t violent and has rarely scratched the sofa and never … Continue reading

Book Review: Nikolai, the Only Bear

Nikolai, the Only Bear is a story about a bear who lives in an orphanage (in Russia. Nikolai is the only bear in the orphanage. He is three years old. He tries to play with the other children, but they are afraid of him. His caregivers are constantly telling him to say hello, say thank you, play nice, sing the same lyrics as everyone else at music class. The problem is, Nikolai does say all those things, but the caregivers and the other children don’t speak bear. The softly colored illustrations show the orphans playing and being cared for in … Continue reading

Oops! I Did It Again!

(With apologies to Brittany Spears for tweaking her title!) Today was spontaneously declared Toenail Trimming Day. I’ve only done the dogs’ toenails once since we moved back in the beginning of January… so those little piggies were long overdue for some snipping. You’re lucky my camera batteries died, or you’d have pictures of the horribly long clippings. My dear, sweet Moose is almost always the easier dog to do, so I did him first. He was sprawled out on the floor in front of the couch, so I stretched out next to him and grabbed a foot. Moose played along … Continue reading

A Collection of Cat Toys

As impressive as the collage of cat toys to the left might be, it’s only a small representation of the entire collection of cat toys my cats claim. (Wayne’s decided if we’re looking for ways to cut money in case of a depression, cutting out my pet toy spending is a place to start. Sadly, he’s probably right.) But the purpose of this blog isn’t to show off my cats’ impressive collection of cat toys. Rather, it’s to discuss the names they know their toys by. (As I wrote in another article, I’m big on naming things.) See if you … Continue reading

Dog Days of Summer Deals for Cats at Doctors Foster and Smith

It may not feel like it, but the Dog Days of Summer are nearing an end. So are some of the great deals that some of my favorite pet stores are offering. Like at Doctors Foster and Smith. I always look forward to shopping in my Doctors Foster and Smith catalogs, but most especially when they send me ones with red tag savings up to 50% off. Sales won’t last much longer though. Their current deals are good through September 4, 2007. Since we’re getting ready to move, I’m actually trying to restrain myself from making any purchases. (I’ve already … Continue reading

Mr. Meow vs. the Clippers

Not too long ago a debate raged in our household about whether or not to declaw Tabby. That debate has sort of died out ever since I “cowboyed up” and learned to trim Tab’s nails. I’ve had a couple more successful goes at Tabby’s toes. She doesn’t mind me touching her paws and clipping away one bit. All I have to do is catch her in just the right docile mood. I’ve even gotten pretty proficient and quick at it. So much so I’ve decided to direct my newfound talents on the other four-legged members of our family, like Murphy. … Continue reading

To Declaw or Not to Declaw, That is the Question

My husband and I have been spoiled. Mr. Meow, who we found at our apartment complex after he’d been abandoned almost eight years ago, came to us declawed. (His front claws at least. He still has his back ones.) Now we’ve got Tabby. Not only did she come to us pregnant, she came intact with all her claws, front and back. It’s been somewhat of an adjustment. When Mr. Meow “makes biscuits” (kneads) our bellies, it’s a pleasant feeling. When Tabby does it…ouch! When she got spayed, they trimmed her nails. That was nice! But that was over a month … Continue reading

Games in the Dark

“Because the night belongs to us…” Okay, I am starting this post with a fairly cheesy song lyric but it seems to fit the theme here, which is essentially that there is much family fun to be had sans lighting and minus the sun. The good times definitely don’t need to come to a close just because the sun has decided to lay on the beach in Hawaii and pay a visit to Asia. Because the night offers so many unique and exclusive games, you may very well be tempted to close the blinds and vanquish the artificial light on … Continue reading

Kitty Quirks: The Funny Ways He Says “I Love You”

Ah February … the month for passion, romance, and love. I’m in a committed, loving marriage. Have been for the past eleven years. But I must confess, my heart doesn’t belong solely to Wayne. I’m madly in love with two other fellas (albeit they’re a little furrier than Wayne): Murphy and Kitty. Like Wayne, Murphy has his ways of showing his love for me too, but Kitty’s tends to endear itself more to my heart. Why? Because he’s a cat, and anyone who knows cats knows how finicky, persnickety, and down right self-sufficient they can be. So in those moments … Continue reading