Giving Birth After Age 33 Relates to Longevity

A new study determined that women who give birth after age 33 had twice the odds of having a longer lifespan than women who did not do so. This doesn’t necessarily mean you should consider having a baby (or another baby) after age 33 in an effort to increase your lifespan. The reality is a bit more complex than that. Researchers at Boston University, Boston Medical Center (and elsewhere) conducted a study about aging. They looked at information that was gathered in a previous study that was called the Long Life Family Study. In other words, this study used previously … Continue reading

Is Parenting Experience Different for Older or Younger Parents?

I started out on this motherhood path rather young—23, when my first daughter was born. I didn’t feel particularly young at the time and definitely did not feel “too young” to be a mom. I thought that I would become a mom again as an older parent, but that hasn’t happened yet so now, in my forties, I am a typical mom of teens. I have friends, however, who have both been “young” parents like me and waited until recently to embark on the path of parenthood. What I am unclear about is whether the parenting experience is really all … Continue reading

What’s Wrong With a Little Tradition?

Everything seems to be about progress, progress, progress! As a parent, I am constantly hearing from kids that things are “old school” or old-fashioned. Now, I like to think I’m as forward-thinking and progressive as the next forty-year-old, but what’s so wrong with a little tradition, that’s what I would like to know?! I think there are some things that just never go out of style–good manners, nice tablecloths, after-dinner dessert, Sunday afternoon walks–I’m actually a little sad that things like gloves and hats have gone out of style (although I wouldn’t go so far as to advocate for corsets … Continue reading

More Unwed Older Women Having Babies

Fewer teens are having babies. Instead the majority of unmarried women having babies are women over 35. In fact, the number of unmarried older women having babies has reached a record high, according to a report by the federal Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. The increase was seen across all racial groups, with nearly 4 in 10 babies last year being born to unmarried older moms. One reason for the increase is the growing number of women who delay marriage and family for their career. When they hear the familiar tick-tick-ticking of their biological clock, some women want to … Continue reading

In the News: Older Fathers and Fertility

When we think of fertility issues we typically think of women as being the ones with the problem, especially older women. But what about older men? We hear a lot about men fathering kids in their sixties and beyond (Tyler’s father was 57 when I conceived). A resent study says that as men age they also have diminished fertility. In the study, 1,938 couples from 59 in vitro fertilization clinics in France were studied. The researchers found that for women between the age of 35 and 37 who were trying to have a baby with a man older than 40, … Continue reading