Catholic Healthcare West Ends Ties With Catholic Church

Catholic Healthcare West is one of the biggest hospital systems in the United States. It has decided to end its affiliation with the Catholic Church, and to change its name. The change is not going to affect patients, or the medical care provided at these hospitals. When I first heard about this change, I immediately thought about the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops, and their battle against a particular health reform law. In short, the Bishops do not feel that Catholic hospitals, Catholic universities, or Catholic social service agencies should have to follow this particular law, because doing so … Continue reading

Polar Bears Overrun Churchill, Manitoba

I have always thought polar bears were beautiful animals. That doesn’t mean I want one in my backyard. That seems to be the plight of people in the town of Churchill, Manitoba. Granted, Churchill is known as the “Polar Bear Capital of the World” because the polar bears migrate from the inland to the icy shore during the fall months. This has resulted in quite a bit of tourism to Churchill. People can ride buses known as tundra buggies to see the bears. Now, this tiny town (pop. 923) has had to create what they call “bear jails” to keep … Continue reading

Stranger Danger No Longer the Only Problem

It seems like lately all I am hearing are stories of child sexual abuse. Most of us are well aware of the Penn State scandal involving Jerry Sandusky, a former football coach. There are 10 alleged child victims. Then just this morning I hear on my local news station about the director of communications for the evangelical Lutheran organization, WELS, being arrested for charges of child pornography. Football coaches, religious leaders, teachers…the very ones we entrust our children to, taking advantage of their vulnerability and abusing their powers. Who can you trust anymore? Sadly, we live in a world where … Continue reading

The Biggest Problem with Church

Sometimes the biggest problem with church is people. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not that I don’t like people, I do. But I’ve come across a few incidents recently where people, and I’m talking Christian people who are part of the church, have been downright rude and unfeeling towards others. One that struck me particularly and I have see this a lot is where two or more people are engaged in a conversation and another person comes up and immediately cuts into the conversation and starts to talk as though what they have it say is more important. More often … Continue reading

A Dangerous Practice

One thing that is often hard to deal with for many Christians is judgment. No I’m not talking about God’s judgment but the judgment that comes from other Christians. I’ve seen and experienced a few examples of it at times. It often comes about when people have a different view. With elections coming up m in Australia in a couple of weeks, I was listening to a local candidate standing for the Christian Democrat party and he was saying how Christians can have very different views which is why we have different denominations and churches with different ideas. He also … Continue reading

The Church In Danger

Today the church is in danger of absorbing the ideas and values of the world, rather than the ideas and values of God as taught in the bible. We would do well to take note of the book of Colossians, which is written to a church in danger. The Colossian church was in danger from deception and false teaching, Colossian 2:8 and from criticism, Colossians 2:16-18. These Colossian Christians were people who wanted to know God but, having heard and responded to the message about Jesus as given them by Epaphras, they still felt that something was missing from their … Continue reading

The Danger of Christmas

Following on from Mary Ann’s blog, it is especially important to remember at Christmas when there are Christmas parties happening and lots of events where people have at times had a few drinks. At such times sometimes fuelled by alcohol the inhibitions can tend to relax a little. And so we may need to be a little more vigilant about keeping that hedge up. We have some friends with whom we are on a hugs and kisses, hello and goodbye basis. Since I believe a kiss is a sensual thing, Outside of my husband and adult children no one else … Continue reading

Baby Blog Month in Review: August 2008

Isn’t it crazy the way babies grow so quickly? It seems that you just get used to one stage and boom they are already into another. Tonight, were busy getting the household all set for my eldest child’s first day of second grade. My two younger ones are excited and want to start school, too. It will be a busy month. Don’t worry about the missing last week of blogs. I’ve gotten quite a few questions about where I have been. The Baby Blog tends to go on hiatus the last week of the month. That may change in the … Continue reading

The Way Out From Dangerous Paths

Yesterday we looked at the gravity with which God views astrology, sorcery, fortunetelling and such. Does that mean God can never bring a person out of such a background? No it does not! Like any other sin, God will forgive if the person truly repents and puts their trust in the Lord Jesus. The bible sites an example in Acts 16:16 where Paul, in the name of Jesus, rescued a slave girl from the practice of divination and fortunetelling, Acts 16:16-18 More recently it was the case in Australia, where God rescued Merryanne Sumner from new age practices that included … Continue reading

Gospel Questions: What is the Woman’s Place in the LDS Church?

In the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, the righteous men are given the gift of the Priesthood. This means that they are able to give blessings to heal the sick, to bless the sacrament, and in other ways to use a small portion of God’s power for the benefit of their families and those around them. Because this gift is given to the men and not the women, some have questioned the woman’s place within the LDS church. The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints reveres women. Each of the prophets has paid homage to women, to … Continue reading